Friday, May 24, 2013

Granny's Pancake

  In the mornings, Ghim Moh Food Center is packed like sardines. Almost every stall has a long queue snaking in front of it, and finding a seat is near impossible. This makes for a very difficult experience for a "new-comer" to the food center. Which are the really really good stalls that we should try from? With so many long queues to guide us, it was hard to pick which to join.

  As the title of this post may have already suggested, I joined the line in front of this stall called Granny's Pancake. The signboard displayed pancakes in four fillings: Red bean, Peanut, Peanut butter or Coconut. However, I was a little surprised to see the display shelf in front of the stall empty. What? No more pancakes? How wrong I was. The two-man team behind the stall (well, one woman and one man, actually) were busy making the pancakes and filling the pancakes as the customers made their orders. So in a way, the pancakes are made to order. Unlike in other stalls, where many of the pancakes are made in a huge batch so that by the time you purchase it, it gets really lukewarm and soggy.

  No prizes for guessing which filling I picked! (Red bean)

Ah, the pancakes were so good! The pancake skin was crisp on the outside and soft, but not thick, on the inside! Almost like a waffle, but better. The red bean filling was excellent too. It was not overly sweet and was well spread throughout the entire pancake.

  I just thought that I should share that I had two of these delicious red bean pancakes. After queuing once and just buying one red bean pancake, I joined the queue yet again just before I left the food center and placed orders for two red bean pancakes and one peanut pancake. The old lady in front of me actually ordered an entire pan of red bean pancakes! Hmm, I may just do the same one day!

  I'm just really glad that I've found a good pancake stall that sells traditional Chinese pancakes. The ones sold in Jollibean or Mr Bean definitely pale in comparison to this. You can be assured that I will only satisfy my (Chinese) pancake cravings from Granny's Pancake from now on.

Granny's Pancake
20 Ghim Moh Road
#01-24 Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre

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