Friday, July 12, 2013

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

What with all the hype about the Gordon Ramsay Hawker Heroes challenge going on last week, even if I was not able to taste the dishes whipped up by the master-chef himself, I had to try the "original" version from the creators of the beloved hawker dish. On my list was none other than...Chilli Crab!!! That's right, the Chilli Crab from Jumbo Seafood Restaurant is said to be the best in Singapore! Being an ardent Long Beach fan, I had to try Jumbo's crabs to do a comparison between the two.

We went to the branch in Dempsey Hill, which also housed a Long Beach restaurant! As it was the day after the Hawker Heroes challenge, the restaurant was packed like sardines! Even the seats in the open-air seating area were full! We had to settle for a seat al fresco and enjoyed our dinner in the dark.

We ordered the Set A, and substituted the Fried Rice Noodles with the Scallops in Yam Rings and the honeydew sago for a Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts. Although we did have to pay extra for the swaps, it was well worth it. (We only paid an extra $2 per dish?)

Scallops in Yam Rings
These were absolutely delicious. I loved the thickness and smoothness of the yam ringing the juicy scallop! Although it was very very sinful, I felt totally guilt-free when indulging in this!

Fish Maw Soup
There were actually fresh prawns in this, and lots of lots of fresh seafood! It was absolutely shiok drinking the soup with all the "treasure" found in each spoonful. Absolutely worth the money.

Sweet Prawns
The prawns were glazed with a sweet, citrus-y sauce which tasted like oranges. It was a different type of taste and quite interesting, especially if you've a sweet tooth like me. The only gripe I have is that the prawns were not de-shelled, and it was agony peeling the prawns! Maybe it's just me being picky but having to separate the juicy prawn from its shell kind of dampened the mood.

Chilli Crab
The verdict? Long Beach's Chilli Crab is still the best! The crab was rather small here, and the sauce was not as sweet or thick as the one offered at Long Beach. However, the crab meat was still good. The quirky thing is that the waitresses provided us with bibs before tackling the crabs! That helped us to keep our clothes clean and chilli-sauce-free! Talk about good service.

Fried buns
My favourite dish every single time we eat Chilli Crab. Dip the fried bun in the chilli gravy and you've a winner! However, these buns were not fried till crisp and were really small, so Long Beach's stone-sized crispy buns beat this hands-down as well.

Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts
I think there were pumpkin chunks in this as well. I loved the yam but there was too much pumpkin/ginko/etc. that filled up the bowl instead of the yam paste.

Well, I guess by reading this post, you can probably guess which restaurant I'd head to whenever I have a Chilli Crab craving! Long Beach is still the best to me. However, the tze char dishes at Jumbo are remarkable as well, especially the scallops ringed by yam! Those are seriously good. For the Chilli Crab lovers out there, Long Beach will not disappoint.

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