Friday, July 26, 2013

Speech Day 2013

Today was the annual Speech Day, where the school gives out academic and CCA-related prizes for the past year. How strange. Anyway, this is the first year I was invited to the Speech Day as I topped the cohort for Biology. I was so close to clinching top place for so many other subjects (by less than two points!) but I guess I can wait till next year to bring home my award haul. Tee hee.

Anyway, it was great that I was a prize-winner this year as the whole Sec 4E5N (Graduating batch) had to be present for the ceremony. If I had not won anything, I would have spent the entire evening being but one of the hundreds of clappers for the prize-winners.

Haha my ten seconds of fame, when the principal read out my name. :-)

Next year: Wee Jin-wen: 8 A1s!!!


Luk Ching, the Valedictorian for the 2012 cohort. I thought her speech was really good and her delivery was even better! I'm really impressed by her command of the language hahaha.

Mrs Rethinam won the Most Outstanding teacher award!

I apologize for the terrible photo quality! Though it was taken with a professional camera, the photographer was...HAHAHA just kidding love you mommy!!!

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