Thursday, August 01, 2013

Mama Patisserie

I am now blogging about my all-time favourite bakery. Yes, this is not a joke. Nor am I exaggerating. Mama Patisserie has, undoubtedly, the best buns in Singapore. Their stellar bun would be the Red Bean Walnut. In my opinion. Which is highly biased as I am probably the greatest red bean fan there is. But this is not a joke, no. I am perfectly serious. I can eat the Red Bean Walnut buns everyday and still swoon each time I take a bite.

The buns are stuffed generously with red bean paste. Not the sickeningly-sweet kind, no. More like the Japanese an pan, allowing some trace of the red bean in the paste. The bread to filling ratio is about 1:4? What can be more disappointing than a bun with more bread than paste? I never have to take this risk with Mama Patisserie. They get the ratio just right (or even better, some may say). The bread is not the usual white bread. It has a multi-grain or wholegrain kind of texture, with walnuts dotting its rough surface. It's ugly, but so deliciously. It makes my knees go weak.

Before I even realize it, the bun disappears into the abyss of my stomach.

I reach for another.

And another.

And another.

JUST KIDDING! There has to be other buns which are as great, right? So I do not hesitate to pick up the Green Tea Red Bean with Chestnut bun.

The green bread does not disappoint. It proves it is not merely artificially-coloured bread, as the green tea fragrance is clearly brought out with each tear of the bread. The red bean paste can hardly disappoint. The chestnut was a little redundant for me, as I am not a chestnut fan. But it does not discredit the bun in any way. I am content.

This wonderful bakery is tucked away in an obscure corner of Square 2 in Novena. I'm being really selfish here but I hope no one finds this gem, because I want the red bean buns In fact, I'm planning to buy a week's supply of them whenever I visit. It is, I reiterate, that good.

How plain/boring/ordinary, right?

Look at the thick paste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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