Friday, August 09, 2013

Baker and Cook

Nestled in a corner of a sleepy neighbourhood, Baker and Cook is just one of the many shops along Hillcrest Road. After reading many reviews online and pouring over countless Instagram photos of others' gastronomic experience at Baker and Cook, I finally got the opportunity to visit the little bakery on a Saturday morning. Although I was there pretty early (around 9 a.m.), it was already extremely crowded as diners sat around the wooden benches and heartily tucked into their breakfasts.

Upon stepping into this quaint bakery, I was spoilt for choice at the wide array of breads and pastries available. The fragrance of freshly baked bread wafted through the air. It was a wonderful atmosphere.

After much thought and internal conflict, I finally decided on our order. We had the Chocolate Chip muffin, Lemon tart, Salmon quiche, Beef pie, Bread basket and the Cafe Mocha.

Chocolate chip muffin and Lemon tart. What attracted me was the dots of white chocolate chips atop the huge muffin top!

The Lemon tart ($5) was absolutely lovely. The tart was solid and tasted of rich, buttery pastry while the lemon curd was tangy and rather thick. It was such a sinful indulgence. Pity that it was a little small, and before long, it was all gone.

The Chocolate Chip muffin ($3.50) was pretty average. A little too rich for me, I suppose. I would prefer it to be more moist and fudgey.

Salmon Quiche with a side of Italian Salad ($9). The quiche was pretty average as well, but the crust was delicious. Just like the lemon tart! The Italian salad was disappointing, however.

Bread basket ($10)

Mixed berries jam (free flow, $7.30 per jar)
We had the bread with the mixed berries jam, and it was absolutely lovely. I enjoyed the sweetness of the berries, spread generously on the freshly baked bread. I would have bought a jar of the jam home, but I knew it would probably not be the wisest move for my diet. Anyway, to show just how much we enjoyed this jam, we polished of half a jar with our bread basket!

Beef pie ($9) was just so-so, probably not the stellar item as well. The beef had a lamb kind of taste to it which I did not particularly appreciate.

Ah, Baker and Cook is a fine bakery indeed, set up by celebrity baker Dean Brettschneider. I would say that it has very good jams and pastries, but their bread is comparable to that of Cedele's. Besides, it is not cheap and I would save it for occasional treats only. Also, it is near impossible to get there without a trusty GPS and a car.

Baker & Cook Pte Ltd
77 Hillcrest Road
288951 Singapore.
Phone: +65 6469 8834

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