Friday, August 09, 2013

Provence Bakery

Last Friday, my friend Clare brought me to Provence bakery in Holland Village. She has strongly recommended the bakery to many many times during Assembly in school, and now we finally had the opportunity to visit! (It was the day we were interviewed by the news reporter with regard to the Hair for Hope controversy.)

I tried the best-seller Milk Pan, Blueberry Cream Cheese bun and bought the Cinnamon bun home for my brother and the Cream Cheese cake for myself. Their wassants are extremely famous as well, but I had a bad experience with the wassants sold at the outlet in VivoCity and so gave it a miss.

The famed Milk Pan ($1.80)

I'm pretty sure that it is coagulated milk inside the fluffy white bun, not cream. The bread is extremely soft and fluffy (for lack of a better word). The cream is thick and can be a little overwhelming. Hence, I took out a bit of the curd and ate the bread with just enough curd to satisfy the sweet tooth and at the same time, not damage my diet plan too badly.

Blueberry Cream Cheese ($1.80)

The blueberry jam was thick and generous, though not too much as too give you the sickening feeling you get when eating too much sweet stuff. The cream cheese is mostly at the base of the bun, and is also my favourite part of the bun. I loved the cheesecake-like texture of the bun, paired with the sweetness of blueberry. This has to be my favourite bun from Provence thus far!

Cinnamon bun ($2.20). I heated this up in the microwave oven and my whole kitchen smelt of cinnamon. It was so sweet and, like Provence's other buns, soft. My brother thoroughly enjoyed it, and this speaks volumes as my brother is an extremely picky eater.

Cream cheese cake ($1.80). It was like the blueberry cream cheese bun, just that instead of blueberry, there was a custard cream filling. I didn't enjoy the custard so much and so scooped the custard out before devouring the cheesy bread. Yum! (I have no idea why they call this a "cake"...)

On a separate occasion, I brought my family to Provence for breakfast! We went crazy with the buns.

We ordered the Milk Pan, Cheese Danish (lovely but sinful), Croissant (sugary goodness), Chocolate wassant (pretty disappointing) and the tuna croissant set. The tuna croissant was pretty good, with minimal mayonnaise in the tuna filling! The set, with a drink, cost only $5, which I feel is a pretty decent price.

I also tried the Koshi An Pan (red bean), but was quite disappointed. The red bean filling was too sweet for my liking. However, I cannot really blame them as Mama's breads have set the bar for red bean breads sky-high.

Holland Village outlet
269 Holland Village 
Tel: 6467 6966

Holland Village Shop

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