Friday, August 30, 2013

Café Swiss

It was lunch hour at Raffles City, and the queue for Nam Nam Noodle Bar snaked all around the perimeter of the restaurant! Hungry and impatient, my mother and I decided to switch dining venues to Café Swiss instead, located in Raffles City (or Swissotel, if you'd rather) as well. Furthermore, there was a 1-for-1 lunch buffet promotion (which ends in October 2013!) so it would be very reasonable.

After securing a seat for two, we started our meal. The selection of food was not as large, but it was specific. There was a salad bar, sushi bar (Japanese), country roasts and pasta, hot foods, cheese fondue station, a bread and cheese station, and of course, a dessert counter. However, it is the quality of the food that matters most, not the quantity. Café Swiss definitely did not disappoint in that area.

The lovely ambiance was definitely a plus!

The cha soba was decent. I enjoyed it, but I hardly ever eat cha soba so I am in no position to judge.

All eyes on the salmon.

Café Swiss has a small variety of desserts, but each one of them pack a punch! Especially the chocolate bar on the right, which is supposedly made of 72% Valrhona chocolate. The lemon meringue shooters were terrific as well.

Who can ever resist a chocolate fountain? Certainly not me! And so it seems for many of the other diners here. I would recommend dipping the luscious strawberries or the strawberry-flavoured butter cake (?) at the bottom of the picture with the chocolate. The strawberry-flavoured cake is absolutely wonderful. You can taste the strawberry in each buttery square of cake.

However, let it be noted that the chocolate fountain is switched on and off rather frequently, which is pretty queer. But that is not a heavy issue for we can always dip our desserts in the big collecting bowl of chocolate.

There was smoked salmon and salmon sashimi. The smoked salmon was cut in rather thick slices, for smoked salmon. Furthermore, it tastes like ham. On the other hand, the salmon sashimi was splendid! Especially when dipped in the Japanese soy sauce, the sashimi was perfect.

Probably the biggest draw for Café Swiss: the Swiss cheese fondue! I enjoyed dipping broccoli into this bowl of gooey cheese very much. A pity that the bowl of fondue was rather small, and everyone else seemed to enjoy it as much as (or more than) I did.

The mushrooms over there were spectacular as well. The cream sauce was so delicious, yet so sinful!

My advice would be to skip the hot foods section altogether. They are but normal dishes, and definitely not worth wasting stomach space on, especially if you do not have a big appetite.

Ah, I attacked the dessert bar quickly because everyone else seemed to be making their rounds there before I did. (We arrived at the buffet an hour after it opened, so we were rather late.) Everything was wonderful!

I enjoyed the crumbly top on the lemon meringue shooter, and the chocolate bar was so rich and hit the spot.

The crunchy walnuts were stolen from the caramel pudding. They were toasted/roasted and sprinkled with sugar. Genius.

The fruit tart was just meh, though.

More salmon!

The breads in the bread basket were all new and I was really worried that it was only for display...but they tasted great so I guess they were meant to be part of the buffet spread! I am not a big fan of cheese so the cheese didn't really stand out to me. However, if you are a cheese connoisseur, I'm sure you would enjoy the selection of different cheeses offered. Among many others, there was blue cheese and...well that's the only name I remember! Oops.

Minestrone was simple yet fulfilling.

Spanish omelette which was chock full of bell peppers and capsicum! A bit too much, if you asked me.

A summary of my favourite dishes.

I loved my experience at Café Swiss, and the total bill for the two of us was only $47! It was lunch and dinner so I suppose it is rather reasonable. I would definitely head back to Café Swiss if I ever had the opportunity to. The best thing about this whole buffet was that I didn't feel bloated at all! Although I have no doubt that I will need to exercise much harder in the following days to come...

Swissotel The Stamford
2 Stamford Road  Singapore 178882  Singapore
Tel: +65 6338 8585

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