Sunday, September 15, 2013

Red Star Dim Sum Restaurant (红星酒家)

We made van impromptu decision to have dim sum for lunch today as church ended early. This meant that we could skip the hour-long wait for a seat as we arrived at the restaurant just before the lunchtime crowd arrived. I read about this restaurant briefly online, and also learnt that the owner was one of the four "Heavenly Master Chefs" in the old days. We even got the good fortune to have chatted with him for a while as he sat next to our table to rest.

The dim sum ladies weaved around tables serving dim sum to the customers. We literally just waited for the trolleys to come to us and ordered our dishes off them!

Pan-fried dumplings, Yam fritters and Bo Lo buns

The pan-fried dumplings (rather like Japanese gyoza) were actually really good! Though the base of the plate was really oily, it was worth the fats. The yam fritters were another star. The deep fried flakes were melt-in-your-mouth and the yam was so soft and smooth! It was a pleasant surprise indeed. The Bo Lo buns had some custard filling in it, not like the char siew we had initially expected. All is well, though, as it taste that bad. However, I would have much rather saved the calories on that. (The bread was pretty thin though, so not much harm done!)

Siew Mai was unbelievably good. The meat was juicy and the skin was just right - smooth and thin.

The salted egg yolk custard paus! The filling was really good, even better than Swee Choon's! However, on little complaint is that the skin of the bun was a bit too thick, making this an extremely sinful item.

The egg tart was amazing as well. The egg filling was just right - not too sweet! The pastry was not overly flaky and not too buttery either. This means less guilt! P e r f e c t.

Char siew soh was good as well. A bit too much butter and egg yolk brushing the pastry though.

Roast meats were the biggest rip-offs for the day. For $10, we got a small plate of tough and fatty pork!

Char siew chee cheong fun was silky-smooth and delicious. But for $4, it is definitely pricey.

Mango pudding was so so so good! It's been so long since I've tried mango pudding served with condensed milk and the pudding was actually not jelly-like, but pudding-like! (a little thicker)

We also bought home two Phoenix paus, one to give to a church friend. The boss was very pleased when we looked surprised when we saw the paus. It's really huge! It contains Chinese sausage, mushrooms, chicken, pork and eggs! The bun was yummy and soft as well, even after five hours! (we steamed it up, of course)

I have big hands, just so you know.

Overall, Red Star is a pretty good restaurant for dim sum, but ambiance there is totally lacking. Typical kiasu Singaporeans walked around the restaurant, chasing after trolleys with their desired dim sum dishes. It is also quite expensive for dim sum. Our total bill was about $112, including all the service charges and taxes and tea. However, it's the kind of place that you should go at least once in your life, just to soak up the atmosphere! It's rare to see such traditional (well, almost) dim sum restaurants in Singapore nowadays.

  1. Address: 54 Chin Swee Rd, 160054
    Phone:6532 5266

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