Thursday, November 21, 2013

RSB: Tune-In 2013

Wednesday (Yesterday) was RSB’s (Raffles Symphonic Band) Tune-In!
I had expected there to be students from a variety of schools but that was just wishful thinking. I was the only St. Marg’s girl there, surrounded by the likes of RGS, Victoria School, Catholic High and of course, RI. I thank my lucky stars that I had Kylie there, and she introduced me to her RGS friends. I was also formerly acquainted with an RGS girl (Devni) who plays the saxophone as she went for band practice on Saturday as well, so that made making friends much easier!

The first activity was introducing ourselves, within a time duration proportionate to that of the length of our strings hahaha. I ran out of things to say (or rather didn't feel very comfortable sharing "normal" things) and blurted that the SMSS uniform has ~1200 polka dots HAHA! On hindsight, that might not have been such a great introduction oopsies.

Devni and Kylie! :-)

Oh yes, I found out that the other person who got into RSB through DSA was also from MTDC and he remembers me! It’s not bad, considering we hardly spoke at all. In fact, I think the only reason why I saw him was because I was friends with Clara who was his section-mate (oboe). Anyway, we’ll have two whole years to make friends. :)

We had sectionals for a while, to actually ~get~ to the music for at least 2 hours out of the entire day. We are a band, after all.

Devni and I during lunch, where everyone just sat in a circle at the rooftop of Junction 8.

Supposedly a section photo (I still don't get why Saxophones and Lower Woodwinds are put together instead of having Saxophones and then Doublereeds?!) ((sian culture shocks haha)) but Qing Kai and the other flautists is in the photo so I'm not very sure what this ~~~group~~~ is...

also, yay to looking awkward!!!

This was my favourite game!!! We were supposed to form shapes of objects/random stuff with our bodies in groups haha. A lot of the shapes were so ridiculous, I died just about once every two seconds (as seen in the photo haha!)

We were supposed to be a french horn HAHAHA (check out Danial a.k.a. "mouthpiece")

After lunch, we went back to the band room for station games! My group did well in the station games (we were runner-up by 3 points!) so yay!

Final band photo after the day's programme ended!
Tune-In was much more fun than I had expected it to be, to be honest. I guess I am kind of looking forward to spending the next 2 years in RSB! (Although I don't think this group of Sec 4s are going to be my batch mates...)

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