Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Birthday" "Celebration"

This afternoon, I met Jamie at Botanic Gardens to have a somewhat celebration for our birthdays. For those of you who don’t already know, our birthdays are exactly a week apart. 23 December and 30 December respectively (I’m older…) Anyway, so since we both are equally shameless and vain (ha ha) and also happen to be photography masters (ha ha…ha), we decided to have a little photo-shoot together in the beautiful bountiful greenery of the Botanic Gardens.
 My favourite shot! I am the photography master. ;-)
SO fab
I feel the need to explain these two photos…or else you’d probably (justifiably) think that we are complete lunatics and should be locked up in an asylum.
I was blasting various songs on my iPhone, and one of the songs may or may not be Wrecking Ball. We had to adapt to the situation, you see.
 Isn’t this cool? It looks like my hands have magnetic powers and Jamie’s head is a magnet. Sort of like the giant magnet in scrapyards that pull out precious metals and separate them from the trash (metaphor maybe?)
Wannabe models hehehehe
LOVE how my skirt twirls!!!
OOTD shots // twirling skirt!!!
She looks so adorably suspicious here!!! Like an old cranky woman who thinks the world is out to get her. :’-)
My rendition isn’t so good, huh :-(
 Paparazzi shot
Kung fu masters
We had heaps of fun taking photos. There were lots of other people taking photos in the garden as well, as well as fitness-buffs (or wannabes) jogging around the tracks. It was pretty cool. Though it drizzled a little at first, and the iPhone weather app had predicted a 60% chance of rain, God blessed us with glorious sunshine throughout our entire time there. How wonderful is that?!?
After taking more than a thousand (literally) photos, we headed to Cluny Court for dinner. Originally planned to dine at Relish, but they only opened at 6.30pm and that was a bit too late for us. So, we decided on Gastronomia instead, and had pastas and shared a dessert of chocolate profiteroles. Mmm, delicious. Afterward, we had to walk off the calories and did so by browsing through Cold Storage, looking at what other than FOOD. Oh, glorious food! Hehehe.
Then, we took a bus home and that pretty much sums up our mini celebration!
I guess even though we didn’t do anything especially outstanding or particularly incredible, I really did enjoy the time spent together. Plus, there were only the two of us, which made communication and bonding that much better. In fact, I personally feel that smaller groups of people going out are more meaningful than trooping around in large groups, where not everyone would feel perfectly at ease. I feel insanely grateful to have met Jamie and become friends with her. How we knew each other was really a cute story. (Well, not very cute but still rather interesting) ((ok fairly interesting))
We became friends since I smiled at her when I recognised her in Busybees two years ago. Then we bonded over…I shouldn’t be so transparent as to hang all my dirty linen on the Internet so let’s just skip through that. Anyway, we bonded and became pretty average-good friends. In Secondary 3, we then ~rekindled~ our friendship in literature class and formed a “lit clique”, consisting of us two and Sang Ah. By then, she had quit Busybees and so lit was the only avenue in which we would meet and talk. This friendship grew progressively and now I can say that she is one of my closest friends in St. Marg’s! We are soul-sisters hahaha, by that I mean we have many quirks and idiosyncrasies in common. For one, both of us are absolutely anal over our iPhone battery and never ever leave the house without it being at 100%. This list could go on and on, but yet we do have many differences. We aren’t Siamese twins.
ANYWAY, this is getting a little dreary and dry so well, GOODBYE (it rhymes).

Photos: I II

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