Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kim's Place Seafood

Last evening, my family met up with my grandparents and uncle, who just came back from Hong Kong for a short stay here. We had dinner at Kim’s Place Seafood, and made our reservation days in advance, expecting there to be a long queue outside the restaurant. That’s just how popular it is.
Ambience-wise, it’s pretty standard, just like any other Chinese restaurant of mid-to-upper-range. Round tables with rotatable wheel-plates (?) dotting the restaurant, with cutlery laid out nicely.
For our party of seven, we ordered six dishes – chilli crab, cheese crab, drunken prawns, fried Hokkien noodles, sambal kang kong as well as the deep-fried meat rolls (he zhor 
ImageImageThe meat rolls were delicious and succulent, with each meat roll stuffed chock-full with minced pork. The sweet dipping sauce served at the side complemented the deep-fried rolls nicely.
Sambal kang kong was ordinary, as it is pretty hard to err with such a standard dish.
ImageKim’s is also very well-known for their fried Hokkien noodles ($24 for large portion), fried with oysters to boot! The noodles they use are the fat kind of noodles, which had a very starchy taste to it. Nonetheless, the eggy gravy made up for the starchy noodles and it was simply too delicious to resist. As my uncle put it most aptly, “My arteries scream ‘No!’ but my mouth says otherwise” (words to that effect). The oysters were fat and juicy, so it’s a pity that I do not appreciate them all that much.
ImageCheese crab is something new and interesting. The cheese sauce was really tasty and I licked it all off the plate! The crab was all right, pretty standard, but the sauce made all the difference. I’ve seen Black Pepper crab, Butter crab and all sorts of funny variations of crab but this is the first time I’ve ever seen Cheese crab. I guess the sauce is really what sets it apart. I apologise for the blurred photograph, but I hope you do understand that everyone was ravenous and impatient to dig in, so.
ImageFinally, the Chilli crab. Personally, I found the chilli sauce to be a tad too spicy for my liking. I am used to the sweeter version of Long Beach’s, so this was entirely new for me. It had less tomato and much more chilli in it. As such, I didn’t eat much of this as I really could not take the spice! Also, I was pretty stuffed by then.
 Overall, Kim’s Place Seafood whips up excellent dishes, but as for the chilli crab, I would still prefer Long Beach. :-) Nevertheless, you should definitely give the Hokkien noodles and other variations of crab a go! Do remember to make a reservation beforehand, though, or you might end up disappointed.

Kim’s Place Seafood
43, 45, 47 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427767
Tel: 67421119

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