Friday, December 20, 2013

Project Learning French

So I recently decided to pick up a bit of French, inspired by how beautiful the language sounded when I was in Paris. I know quite a few people in the IP stream take a third language, and many of them choose French. Also, I think it’d be a bit of fun learning a swanky cool new language. At least my holidays/break would have been spent doing something productive!
My friend Yan Shen recommended this app called Duolingo to me. He is currently learning Italian (and hoping it’ll be a stepping stone to Latin) ((and yes, he learnt French)) (((over-achievers huh :())) using the very same app. So I downloaded it and have passed the “Basics” level and am now at phrases pertaining to food. The app’s design is really cute and that motivates me to learn my daily dose of French. So far, it’s been cool, and I can stutter a few sentences in French! However, it’s starting to get harder (well, duh) and I am quite scared (I don’t know what for) HAHA!
So anyway, my purpose of this post was to garner suggestions on how to learn French in a short span of time (a month or two?) such that I can hold a decent conversation in French. :-) Do leave a comment below or leave a message to me at the “Contact” page above (on the header)! It’d be much appreciated!

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