Thursday, December 12, 2013

Section (?) Outing

So yesterday I went for our section outing (RI) and to be honest, I felt a little apprehensive of it. So far, there’s only one girl who I feel really comfortable with in my section yet she isn’t going out with us because of alumni band practice. So that left me completely alone with a group of people whom I’ve met only once, and had hardly spoken to. Okay well, except for my SL (Peng Yu) but still, it’s a pretty scary situation to be in. Also, you may be wondering why I said “Section (?)”, that’s because most of the people who went weren’t technically in RI. They were the people who went for Tune-In earlier in November. Only two of them were J1s and I DSA-ed, while the other boy (in white) ((Leon)) is in Secondary 2 in RI. Then again, the other two guys (Khiam Wee and Clarence) are from Catholic High and Victoria School respectively so it’s quite likely they’ll end up in RI anyway. Maybe that’s why so few St. Marg’s girls went for the Tune-In event. :-( And by “so few” I meant 1. :’-( I digress.
ANYWAY, so we planned to meet at Bedok MRT at 1pm, and I was punctual (for once!) but the others arrived about 20 minutes later, sigh. Then we had lunch at the hawker centre nearby and had…conversation, mostly about band stuff. It was really awkward at first and I kept fiddling with the feather (yeah the others dropped off boo) on my dreamcatcher keychain thingamajig to ease the tension inside me HAHA. (That came out odd) Anyway, I suppose it’s only because it’s our first ever meeting (Tune In hardly counted seeing as we didn’t speak much) that it was awkward. Subsequently (if there even is a “subsequently”) it should be easier for everyone to talk openly to one another!
Afterwards, we took a bus to East Coast Park and walked to the bicycle rental shop to rent bikes. The sky was quite grey and threatened to rain and I was really scared it would. :-( (Spoiler alert: it didn’t.) ((Spoiler spoiler alert: it started drizzling when we returned the bikes later))
While cycling, I got to chat with some of the people like Khiam Wee and Peng Yu which was quite fun I guess, to talk and feel the wind against my face. But one thing I deeply regret is not thinking properly before I say stuff. So it’d come out quite incoherent because I haven’t organised my thoughts. :-( Speaking to smart people makes me nervous haha who would have known.
At around 4pm, Perina had to go back because she has another appointment with her friend for dinner. I was supposed to go with her but then I called my dad and he announced that he wasn’t cooking dinner anymore so we could meet at Tampines Mall. Partly because I didn’t want to travel from Changi (yeah, we were there by then) all the way back to Bukit Timah on public transport (don’t judge me, it’s extremely tiring!) by myself, and also because there was 45 minutes left on the bike, I decided to go ahead to Tampines with the guys.
I thought they would cycle really fast and I’d be lagging behind, slowing everyone else down but it turns out I wasn’t that bad! Well, except that I kept almost-crashing into people and sharp turns… Also, there were a few steep slopes that were REALLY hard to go up. My quads were burning. Seeing the bike rental shop in Tampines felt like my birthday and Christmas together (hint hint). Anyway, once I got off the bike, my butt hurt, my hair was a mess, my face was sweaty and my legs had black oil stains on them. How glamorous. But I did feel a sense of accomplishment, as I’ve always wanted to cycle a long distance from one place to another! :-)
As Clarence lives in Tampines, he lead us to Tampines Mall and the guys went for dinner and I went to look for my parents. (In other news, my dad bought a new iPhone 5S there!!! ^_^) ((he lost his previous iPhone in the library)) hahaha anyway I had a good dinner at DTF and slept on the car ride home. Great ending to a great day.
From left: Clarence, Khiam Wee, myself, Perina, Peng Yu and Leon.
I look terrible :’-(

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