Wednesday, January 08, 2014

ACJC Open House 2014

SO O-LEVEL RESULTS WILL BE OUT ON MONDAY. I have a sick feeling in my stomach about this and I just want these five days to be spent as carefree as possible before reality hits me *like a wreeeeeecking ball* (that was pretty lame of me) ((not sorry though))
Anyway, I just want to get this post down before today’s ~memories~ are lost in the abyss of my mind for ever.
Started the day with prata breakfast with Valerie. We talked about a lot of deep stuff and just chatted, caught up with each other’s lives etc. It’s really been a long time since I last really had a chance to hang with her so I treasured this morning a lot. :-) she’s one of those friends whom you can not speak to for a long whole yet still chat again like nothing changed after. (You get me?)
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Found a hippie-ish alley near the prata shop
Ft. shorts from Topshop and my Kanken bag hehe ^_^
Also, my hair looks less curly now. :’-(
My first time having prata in close to two years! It was really good though, and I have no regrets at all! (Also, this was brunch so I guess that made it ok?)
Afterwards, we headed to Carpenter & Cook! I always bring friends to C&C when they come over/near my house lol, it’s like some kind of initiation process now. Anyway, they all love it so that’s probably a good thing.
Continued to talk and stalked some Tumblr accounts together and it was all good fun.
Valerie is so so so so pretty :*
Headed to Anglo-Chinese Junior College afterwards for their Open House! We took half an hour to get there because we alighted at one-north instead of Buona Vista. Also, we entered through the back door LOL. Is this supposed to be a metaphor/pre-empt??! Anyway, we were still pretty early for the Open House and it was quite awkward, with more ACJC students than “us”.
There wasn’t really much to do there actually. We saw lots of familiar faces, though! However, the number of MG/Fairfield/Barker kids was waaaay more impressive than ours. You could throw a stone amongst the crowd of Open House-goers and ten-to-one, you’d hit a MG/Fairfield/Barker girl/boy.
Stayed for the Debate, Drama, Dance and Band performances before rushing off to RI for band practice.
I was really impressed with the CCA showcases, especially the aesthetic CCAs. (Big shocker) ((sarcasm is the lowest form of wit)) (((sorry))) I recognized a lot of MTDC people in the ACJC band lol. Not to mention this guy named Erwin, who recently sat for his diploma in trombone performance. This made me realize that if I had chosen AC over RI, it would’ve have been less stressful but perhaps even more. I guess everywhere is full of talented people now and you really have to work your butt off no matter where you are! Sadly, Mr Alvin wasn’t there to conduct haha. Though come to think of it, I’m not surprised as he doesn’t really ~do~ these kind of things, judging from his track record with SMSS. I suppose it’s better to leave the performance entirely to the students so it’s more…impressive? Perhaps.
Anyway, I was running a little tight on time and literally ran from Marymount MRT station to RI. The afternoon sun was at its peak and I would not be surprised if I do get a sunburn. It also doesn’t help that I don’t have the pass to enter RI by the “shortcut” gates yet so I have to go all the way to the main entrance, sigh. ALSO, the band room is in the RI Year 1-4 building which is allllllllllll the way at the end of the campus (from Marymount MRT)
Turns out, I wasn’t late. Or even if I was, everyone was busy moving instruments to the multi-purpose hall (MPH) so my tardiness didn’t really matter haha. I learnt from the seniors that a lot of their juniors don’t really want to come to Raffles. It’s quite sad because I really do want to have a lot of people attending our Open House haha. After seeing so many people at ACJC this afternoon, I hope RI will be equally…populated (???!) on the Open House day. :-) (also because it’s no fun performing to an empty hall) ((and how to be enthu if there is no crowd???))
I guess that pretty much sums of my day! Today was a relatively good day, even though I’m really exhausted (and have work tomorrow, oh man)

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