Monday, January 13, 2014


Hello! I just got back from school and have mixed feelings about my results. I got 7A1s and 1 A2 (Chinese), which I suppose is considered pretty good. Our cohort did well this year, in general, with quite a number of 6-pointers! I am just really bummed that I didm;t get straight A1s or I could’ve made it to the Top Students board in the hall. Now, I just get a star just like thousands of other St. Margaret’s girls. :-( I think this is God’s way of telling me not to be complacent and be humble always. So I guess it’s a blessing in disguise. Though it doesn’t change the fact that I am kind of disappointed.
Anyway, I’m just really happy for all my friends who did well! It felt really good to see the satisfaction on our teachers’ faces and the atmosphere in the hall was mostly that of celebration. :-) I did get to speak to some of my teachers, but didn’t get to thank them all. So I think I’ll just do it here (even though I doubt they will see this) ((but I just feel like it’s something I should do haha)).
Mrs Rethinam, for giving me the ego-boost that I needed and having so much confidence in me. It really made a difference in the way I saw myself (academically). :-)
Ms Chang, for being a super understanding and approachable form teacher, and making Chinese bearable.
Mrs Yang and Mr Ang, for grading my many self-timed essays and staying back for many consultation sessions because I was so so so paranoid and insecure about SS/Lit.
Mrs Law, Mrs Tan and Ms Tan for making Physics/Bio/Chemistry concepts crystal clear and easy to understand!
Mrs Low and Mrs Chua(t) ((hehe)), for being really funny math teachers and having so much confidence in 4/6. :-)
I really do feel thankful for the results I’ve achieved and yes, I know it may seem very whiny/ungrateful that I feel disappointed…it’s just what I feel, y’know? Can’t really alter that. Speaking of which, I’m taking my Chinese A-levels this year so maybe this A2 is a sign, telling me to buck up for Chinese. :/
ANYWAY thanks to the conditional JAE thing I have, I’ll be going to RI next year, hopefully with some other St. Marg’s girls as well. :-) (I hope Val chooses RI over HC hehehe)
Okay this is a rather awkward post and I may delete it so bye!!!

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