Monday, February 10, 2014

Kaleidos 2014

Day 2: 
I started school in RI yesterday, which was the second day of the Orientation, named Kaleidos. I had to go to ACS(I) to settle the administrative stuff for the transfer and thus only joined the rest of the Year 5s around 11am. Then, I had to go for the placement test for Raffles Academy (RA) for a whopping two hours and thus missed out the entire War Games! The test was the Year 6 Common Test paper so it was pretty difficult and made me wonder if it was worth sacrificing War Games/BONDING WITH MY OG for. :/ Anyways, that left me with little time to be engaged in other activities throughout the entire day. :-( What a bummer, I know.
*Awkward transition* My OG is BB06, Kandyfloss. I’m in the house Buckle-Buckley, which is super cute because the names are so similar! My OG consists of only four JAE students, so the demographic is (again) not very balanced. The boys, being all (but one) from RI, mostly talked amongst themselves so… Meh. Anyway, I don’t want to judge so quickly because to be fair, they hardly even know me so it is quite natural that I don’t feel as at home and comfortable with them (YET!!!) I do hope I will get to make friends with them on Monday and Tuesday, because it’ll really be a shame if I missed out on the friendships formed during Orientation (which is part of the whole JC experience!)
ImageAfter the day's programme, we went to Junction 8 for dinner as an OG. Many other OGs had the same idea, which resulted in a sea of Rafflesians flooding the open-area in Junction 8. We ate, played games, did silly forfeits and just talked to one another! It was quite fun because I got to know more about my OG-mates and yeah making friends is always fun!!! Then, this group of dancers started to set up their speakers and music, and the next thing we knew, all of us were dancing with them! I’m not too sure, but I think they are affiliated with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in getting people to exercise more (through dance). We danced to popular K-Pop tunes and the occasional English pop hit, as well as a Spanish-sounding song! It was SO fun because almost everyone was dancing along! #Rafflesianpride LOL who cares if it’s too early for that, because during that half an hour or so, I really felt a strong sense of unity with everyone. :’-)
After the whole dance “lesson”, my OG-mates left and I stayed with Kylie’s OG to play games hehe. They were really nice and welcoming to me!!!!!! It also doesn’t hurt that I know a few people there from band, such as Eunice, Daryl and Qing Kai! It was all fun and games and though I did feel a bit paiseh for crashing their OG, I got over that after a while and warmed up to them! :-)
So I guess the night saved the day from being a tragic story ^_^
Day 3:
Day 3 was almost entirely devoted to External Activies (EA), which had to components: External EA and Internal EA (the irony). Anyway, we had to travel around Singapore and compete with another OG during each game at each station. Some OGs had to go to Gardens by the Bay which is pretty far from school. I’m quite glad we were relatively near the Marymount area (Marymount>Serangoon>Woodleigh>Seng Kang) and didn’t have to spend too much time travelling on the MRT!
It was pretty fun, though tiring. After the whole EA, I was so drained both mentally and physically – not the best state to be learning the batch dance in. :-( Anyway, it was a fun fun fun day YAY!
After dismissal, we went to Botanic Gardens and got dinner around the Coronation area. I felt this strange sense of pride as we were walking past Serene Centre etc. because it felt like I was bringing people to my “home” (???) This is such an odd feeling haha but it goes to show that I’m actually proud to be an SMSS girl, more than I thought I was, anyway. :’-)
Day 4:
The last day of Kaleidos! We had War Games in the morning. Our first game was in the field and involved wearing muddy socks, muddy hats and muddy beanies…you can just imagine how dirty we got hahaha. Thankfully it didn’t rain recently so the ground wasn’t muddy. Super tiring, aggressive but fun. The rest of the games were much more mild/tame in comparison, but also equally fun! I can’t remember much of the details but I do remember having a good time playing with my OG to WIN. (hahaha competitive feelings arising)
Afterwards, we prepared for O’Nite, which basically just meant sticking cotton balls onto our masks. Our theme was Kandyfloss and we wanted to wear party masks which were covered in cotton balls, cotton candy-like. It wasn’t that spectacular but hey, we tried! We thought the theme of our costumes had to be related to our OG name so…(turns out it doesn’t) The OGs which won best dressed dressed up as Plants vs. Zombies (that was rly good), chess pieces, poker cards and Trash Titans! It was all so so so good haha. I heard there was one OG who spent close to $200 on their costume! They intended to come in loofas (?) and it was rly cute, I thought they would win Best Dressed! Oh well.
O’Nite was really amazing – the whole cohort singing the batch song together, dancing together and cheering together. What a great end to the past four (well, three for me) days!
We had OG dinner at Pizza Hut. The guys eat a lot. I’m just amazed at how much they eat without feeling overly full/getting fat.
(Samuel, Jie Ren, Diya, Mui Yee, Erica, Cheryl, Tania, Thu, myself, Joshua, Naresh (sp?), Ariel, Rachel, Humaira, Ann Gie, Leeyon)
Presenting (part of) BB06: Kandyfloss! ^_^

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