Friday, February 14, 2014

Take 5 2014

As other Singaporean schools celebrate a somewhat solemn Total Defence day, Raffles celebrated it by organising the annual Take 5, which is basically The Day To Play! This year’s Take 5 was held at Tanjong Beach in Sentosa Island. I wanted to sign up for the games (volleyball, handball etc.) organised but the slots were filled up pretty quick. :-(
Arrived at VivoCity at the ungodly hour of 6.45am, and met Cheryl at the monorail place at Vivo. It was already swarming with Rafflesians, making it virtually impossible to find other people.
We were the first batch of non-games people to get on the monorail. So when we arrived at our stop (which I’m not very sure of oops) and walked (TWENTY MINUTES AT LEAST!!!) to Tanjong Beach, it was still relatively empty and ~free~. Cheryl, Erica, Zhi De and I played with his frisbee for a while, and were later joined by Thu and Rachel. I finally got the hang (kinda) of throwing a frisbee using the forehand method! YAY. I realised frisbee is quite popular in RI haha, as many people were also playing with frisbees, and my classmates and I played around with the frisbee yesterday as well! This is a weird sentence.
There were also carnival-style games to play! I didn’t win anything as I’m terribly hopeless at these sort of games, but I got to meet Kylie!
ImageSeventeen years of friendship! :-)
It’s Friendship Appreciation Day (what is Valentine’s) today, yay!
Afterwards, I went to the main stage to support Jonathan and Daryl who were in a band (!e) performing! Hui Ru was right in front so I sat (well, squatted) with Damien and Qing Kai at the back and had our own private jamming session hehe.
Technically not a shameless selfie because you can see Daryl at the back ;-)
I’m so thankful for this group of friends/batchmates that I can be completely myself with. If not for Mr Lim (conductor) making us come together to do the Firebird presentation, I doubt we would ever have become friends! Maybe yeah we’d be friends with certain people, but not this whole group together! I also find it quite odd that though we don’t really know one another, we really really like one another (am I using “one another” too much hahaha). I honestly haven’t spoken to each of them separately one more than ten occasions. Yet, I feel this strange attraction towards them (don’t take it the wrong way). I just mean that we click really well together! We have really good chemistry :-) I’m really really excited to be spending the next two years of band with them!!!
 After the whole Take 5, we went back to VivoCity but I couldn’t join my OG-mates for lunch, sigh pie.
Oh! The guys worked together to make V-Day (Friendship Appreciation) cards for all us girls! It was so sweet because the cards were really very nice and just…wow. :’-) BIG THANKS TO THEM!
And thus ends my Take 5 2014. Hopefully Take 5 2015 will be even better! :-)

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