Saturday, February 08, 2014

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

One of the joys (or is it?) of working is meeting new people, and during our time at Cedele, Jamie and I made friends with this girl called Noelle! She worked at Max Brenner for about a year previously, and promised to bring us there to try their signature chocolate-y desserts, on the house! (Ok, I know what y'all are thinking,...we felt bad and paid for the meal...with a discount hehe) ((still counts, right?)) 
Truffle Heart something. ($16) MB has really long fancy shmancy names for all their items that it's hard to remember exactly what we ordered. :(
This platter consisted of a chocolate lava cake, a strawberry, a shot of chocolate (like an espresso?) as well as a scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. I enjoyed the chocolate lava cake, a bit too much. It is a pity that its size is not as great as its taste. :-( The chocolate shot was average, tasting like chocolate milk but much richer, while the ice-cream had, unfortunately, NO VANILLA BEANS! It tasted really ordinary. Between the two of us, this was gone in five minutes, tops.
It isn't really that good to warrant the pricey tag, as I have tasted chocolate lava cake just as good (or even better), at less than half the price of this. 

Chocolate pizza featuring milk and white chocolate chunks, bananas and roasted marshmallows, drizzled with melted peanut butter. ($11.50) (I think)
This was just half a pizza, and made us really full and jelat. I would not suggest ordering this because, as fanciful as its name and description is, it really isn't that spectacular. It tastes like something that anyone could make at home! Admittedly, the roasted marshmallows are sticky, gooey and just heavenly, but I think it would still not justify the money and, most importantly, the calories.
(We ended up scraping the toppings of the pizza, leaving the tasteless pizza base)
 BIG shout-out to Noelle, thanks for accompanying us to Max Brenner and getting us the discount! :-) 
(mandatory train selfies, viewer's discretion is advised) 

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