Monday, March 17, 2014

Miam Miam

It's been ages since I did a food post because I've been really so busy with school that I don't really go out to eat nowadays. But I'm glad  I got the chance to finally check Miam Miam off my list of places to go (yes I actually have a list hahaha) yesterday! I've seen many photos and reviews on the place and it is all very enticing! So yes, you can imagine my excitement when we went to Westgate yesterday, just for Miam Miam. :-)
Stepping into the restaurant, I felt as if I were transported into a little happy world, because the decorations inside were just so...cheerful! Ok fine, the walls were black and there were birds in cages, but the little mint-and-yellow chairs and cutesy lights were such a happy pill! I felt ten times better inside (I was having a rather crappy day before that) :)
Soup of the Day: Clam chowder ($5.90?)
The bread was the thick kind of toast with butter and a hint of cheese in it! I loved the bread but the soup was so-so only. Definitely not worth the price haha.
Miam Miam spaghetti ($15.80)
This was easily one of the best dishes we had! The egg wasn't very poaches (i.e. runny) but the salty bacon made up for that disappointment! The pasta was also cooked al dente and made for an overall enjoyable meal. :-)
Riz Noir (Squid Ink rice) ($17.80)
The squid ink rice was slightly salty and the rice used was short-grain rice (I think?). It was really yummy with a gold mine of seafood hidden under the bed of fluffy egg (think fresh prawns and chewy squid)!
 Riz Au Curry (Japanese curry baked rice) ($15.80)
I liked the japanese curry but it was pretty average I guess. The concept is interesting, but I feel it can be easily replicated.
Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé ($13.80)
I didn't really know what a soufflé was so I was just expecting something like a molten lava cake. Turns out a soufflé is something like a egg white custard kind of dessert. The exterior was really crisp, which I liked, but the inside was just a less rich version of mousse to me. I didn't really enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. :-(
Overall, I think that Miam Miam is extremely over-priced for the standard and portions of its food. Though I doubt I would visit again, I wouldn't call this a wasted trip exactly since the food was pretty nice and the ambiance even nicer!

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