Friday, January 17, 2014

Food For Thought

Food For Thought is about transforming community spaces & bringing people together to enjoy Good Food for a Good Cause.
Food For Thought is a chain of restaurants with outlets in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, National Museum of Singapore as well as the Singapore Art Museum (8 Queen Street). It is somewhat a hybrid between a charity organisation and a restaurant. It serves up delicious food, while at the same time reaching out to its patrons about their charitable causes. This includes brochures that encourage diners to support children in third world countries, etc.
That is all very nice. Especially since you feel as if you are contributing to the "greater good" when
spending money eating there.
They do not implement service charge so the meal was very affordable. That is no surprise though, as the whole place was pretty much self-service. We had to go to the counter to place our order and serve ourselves water etc. The only service is the cooking (which is already included in the net price) and the waiters serving the food to our table.
The ambiance was really nice as well, since the restaurant was incredibly huge. The high ceiling boosted the spaciousness of the place. It could easily seat a hundred diners! The only downside was the lighting, which was rather dim due to the yellow lights used, and the individual lamps in lieu of proper (ish) central lighting.
This is the alfresco dining area. Very nice as well! We would've sat there if we weren't so hot and tired and in desperate need of air-conditioning.
You can actually get a picnic basket filled with yummy goodies for a lovely picnic in the Botanic Gardens! What a great idea (slash marketing gimmick).
On to the food...!
After reading a few reviews online, I decided to go with the customised brunch set (Buttered toast + Scrambled eggs + Hash browns) ($11) and the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes ($13). I was with Hansol, and we were starving after walking around the Botanic Gardens for over an hour. Also, it was brunch.
IMG_1129The pancakes came with a side of whipped cream and maple syrup. The whipped cream was surprisingly good. This is coming from someone who absolutely hates cream. The cream was light and literally melted in my mouth! Goes well with pancakes or on its own...oh the calories.
The raspberry jam (/sauce?) was delicious, and reminded me of the mixed berry jam at Baker & Cook. The dark chocolate discs had a very intense cocoa flavour and could be overwhelming for the faint-hearted. The stack of two pancakes sandwiched a thick layer of rich chocolate (NOT Nutella) that was oh-so-sinful yet irresistible. With all that, who needs maple syrup?
The buttered toast was really thick and yellow...looks good, huh. Unfortunately, the taste was so-so only, definitely not worth the $4 we paid for it. I would prefer if they used brioche instead.
The hash-browns were good though. The little balls were made of pure mashed potato. By pure I mean it wasn't just deep fried balls of air, like in most fast-food joints (ahem). It was lightly fried, and I felt no regret in popping them into my mouth again and again and again. You can't get sick of this.
I saved the best for the last. Behold, the loveliest scrambled eggs in all of Scrambledeggshire. Ok I'm being really lame but I'm not kidding when I say this is the best scrambled eggs I've ever eaten!!! Maybe I'm deprived of good eggs but whatever, this has definitely got to be one of the best in town. The eggs were not overcooked so it was still pretty runny, and the yolk-y taste was subdued so that it wouldn't be too ~much~. It was just so so so good. :'-)
Trust me on this.

All right, the lighting is terrible and I'm impatient and hungry... :-(
After finishing every morsel on both plates, both Hansol and I were  s t u f f e d. But we wore satisfaction on our faces. I would definitely pay FFT another visit as I love (almost) everything about it. I hope I will be more adventurous and try other items on their menu but something tells me that I will still order their scrambled eggs (for a cut-throat price of $4 but you get what you pay for). It was definitely a great way to reward our "exercise" (walking around BG haha). :-)

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