Saturday, March 08, 2014

Class Camp 2014

I just came back from class camp yesterday! We went to this Water Venture place in Sembawang from Thursday till Friday. Yes, it's only a 2D1N camp but that's all right since the goals of the camp are mainly class bonding etc. etc. In other words, it was a form of retreat for us, I suppose. The whole first day was spent playing around and building the raft (which took less than two hours) and the second (and last) day was spent bringing the raft out to sea and back. So yes, it was a really laid-back camp, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I guess it's better that I'm not too tired out from the camp and actually enjoy all of it, as compared to most camps where I get pretty tired by the second or third day and only really enjoy the camp finale. HAHAHA oops.
 Class bus selfie!!!

Jon's class was also at the camp with us!!! :-)

We saw these two super pretty bicycles and...this happened.

The park near the camp(?)site was really nice, especially the super-fine white sand!!! We just lepak-ed on a platform-like thingum and ~talked~. :-) The slide was also really cool, and some people slid down backwards, head-first HAHA #ezgaem.

(Notice Mitchell hanging in a precarious position lawl)

 Caught the pink sunset with Alyssa and Chloe!!! :-)
Luncheon meat never looked so appetising hahahaha
We cooked spaghetti with broccoli, carrots, baked beans, mushrooms and luncheon meat for dinner! It was all right for camp-standards but we cooked WAY too much. If I recall correctly, Vint Seng had two whole mess-tins of pasta while Mitchell had slightly less. All in the name of not wasting food.
Look at dat pasta

Yup doing nothing is really tiring HAHAHA (I'm serious) 
Vint Seng's eleven chubby bunnies 
 I think Mitchell did seven
Ours was one of the best rafts in the entire camp so far, according to one of the trainers/facilitators! :-) I think about twelve classes have gone for their camps already, so this is quite an achievement! My group was the first to return, just saying' hehehe #EZGAEM (sorry if this annoys you actually I'm not sorry)

Matchy match bags with Alyssa my supposed twin!
 Upon returning back to school, we sang the "You can count on me like 1, 2, 3..." song to our facilitator as a form of appreciation to her! She was visibly touched hehehe yay mission accomplished! :-)
I'm glad we got to experience this camp together as a class. Though there were quite a few absentees for the camp, I think our class will be more bonded after this! The usually quiet people started to speak up (and out) and yeah I think we really grew more comfortable with one another! This is really cheesy but whatever man haha I'm just really grateful to be a part of this family! ^_^ 

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