Monday, March 17, 2014

Band Camp 2014

Probably one of the shortest camps I've had but the past two days were really awesome! A great way to end my first term in RI. Band camp is usually synonymous with "hardcore" and "tiring" but this camp was much more fun-orientated since its purpose was for batch/section/band-bonding! The official camp was from Friday to noon on Saturday and the unofficial programme was basically lepak-ing and BBQ at Charmaine's house!
Met up with Jon and Huiru before band started to chill and talk about everything and anything under the sun. So many weird things were said/done and I really enjoyed their company hahaha. Really made me miss Jon's presence in band, but that can't really be helped.
 After band practice, we had dinner and then had to do our Firebird presentation, after being delayed for like two months hahaha. I think it's because we were kind of "rusty" that our presentation didn't go particularly well than if we had done it when it was due (i.e. two months earlier haha). Nonetheless, it was like closure to the whole Firebird ~thingamajing~.
Everyone was kind of tired out/sian already after our presentation it was really discouraging and yeah...bummer. :( Thankfully we had games after that to kind of lift the atmosphere (?). BUT, because of the haze, the original games had to be scrapped and we were limited to mostly indoor activities. The Year 6s in-charge made the most out of the circumstances and we did have fun haha :-) Especially in the "haunted house" or whatever that was supposed to be, where our group annoyed Le Win (who was supposed to be the ghost/disheveled ghost lady) and made her laugh though I'm sure she wasn't supposed to hahaha. So yup we won the Most Annoying Group award! :-)
(oh yeah my group comprised of Qing Kai, Eunice, Ervin, Wilson, Meng Yu, Hua Yu and myself)
After games and forfeits and all that, it was about 12am and we went to bathe and sleep in the classrooms haha. Lights out was 1am but I doubt anyone really slept at 1am.
(The swimming pool toilets are really clean btw.)
 BATCH SELFIE with the Khiam Wee face hahaha. Huiru and I came up with an address for Khiam Wee. "Khiam Wee the closet HP, advocate of recycling and hater of the universe" hahaha he's hilarious and I'm so glad we're section mates. :-)

The Year 5s girls + Damien, Nicholas and Daryl went on to lepak and play orientation-style games for awhile before finally crashing around 4am hahaha. We planned to wake up early to catch the sunrise but we were blocked by the burden glass palace/RIB. :-( After a disappointing sunrise, Huiru and Clara went back to sleep until 8.30am while I just hung around, not being able to sleep after waking up. So I used that chance to do QT alone and it was really refreshing/conducive!
Obviously I can't just be doing QT for two hours straight so I also went up to play cards with the guys and they are such good liars...or maybe I'm just really bad at cheating haha. Oh well.
Darren's reaction after realising we had to play war games in the bright sun hahaha.
*inside joke*
SLWWs 2014! (missing Elena cry) :-) It's quite sad how my face is always really spastic when doing jump shots haha oh well. 
War games went pretty well! It was really similar to two games we played during orientation (the muddy sock one and the grabbing random stuff from other group's home base). Our group came in second, which is pretty good considering that the group that came in first actually cheated. :/
After debrief, everyone was just spamming photos and photobombing haha.
GROUP 2!!! :-) We got two bottles of Sprite and a tube of grated wasabi hahahaha
Lunched at the rooftop of Junction 8. I was broke so I could only afford avocado milk haha oh well. I met Rebecca there too, she was lunch-ing with her bandmates after band prac. Had a mini catch-up session with her hahaha it really brightened my day. I guess it's just really nice to meet a fellow SMSS girl after being totally alone for two months or so. Even though Rachel Hew and Gaby are in RI as well, it's such a big school I don't really see them so often, and we weren't particularly close to begin with, so...
Afterwards, we all headed to Charmaine's house and were on the MRT when it rained for fifteen seconds or so. Everyone was just like "WHOA rain!!!!!!!" hahaha it was pretty cool.
Charmaine's house was like a ten minute walk away from the MRT station and I was dead by the time we arrived. But it was worth it as her condo's function room was really beautiful like no, it wasn't elaborately decorated or anything but it gave off a cosy kind of vibe, and reminded me of a secret treehouse or something along those lines! Plus the air-con was very strong hahaha.
This is the first time I'm ~really~ involved in a BBQ haha, the previous BBQs I had I didn't really do much of the BBQ-ing, whoops. I felt like a total noob but I guess everyone has to start from somewhere, right? Anyway I really enjoyed cooking the food even though the ashes kept getting into my eyes. There was a lot of food leftover though, and we played the number game to get people to finish the food haha. (in the end there were still leftovers but I guess that's pretty normal for any BBQ party)
Ended the night by literally lying on the floor, watching the stars with Huiru and talked about ~stuff~. I really enjoyed her company haha this is really at risk of becoming something really cheesy and I think it's rather inappropriate (on this platform, at least) so I should stop here. But suffice it to say she's one of the reasons why my band camp was so awesome :-)

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