Saturday, April 05, 2014

Raffles Ensembles in Concert!

Hello! So this week was a pretty hectic week for me, as I went back for self-practice/ensemble rehearsal every singly day hahaha. At least Tuesday was Team Raffles Day (basically an off-day to celebrate the seniors' good A-lvl results) and I had a bit of chill-time. But yeah, the ensemble concert (Raffles Ensembles in Concert!) was on Friday (today) (or actually yesterday, since it's past midnight...?) so we really had to practice really hard to pull it off haha. To be honest, we only had about two full-attendence rehearsals before the actual performance on Friday! I was really nervous hahaha anyway I think we all had fun, though the performance itself didn't do justice to the piece ("I feel so inspired by the writing!!!" - MEP kid Darren). Anyway I think it was a great learning experience especially for myself because I can see how exposed my flaws become hahaha oopsy daisy. :( ANYWAY...these people are really really talented, it was a joy to practice and perform with them. :-) Hopefully we can perform for A Tempo hehe I really like the piece we performed!
Also, HUGE shoutout for the people who came for the concert to support all the ensemble groups! :-) Really couldn't ask for better bandmates/Jonathans (hehe Pong)! <3 and to my family who came down to watch us! (it was my mom's birthday actually haha, her birthday always seems to clash with band events!)
Also, great job to all the other ensembles!!! They all sounded wonderful (wen-derful? hahaha)! :-)
As with all big (?) events...cue picture spam hur hur

All the performers!
(Thanks Huiru for the photos!)
Thanks for coming down JP!!! :-)
 Look super gross here but YAY Year 5 WW Quintet :-)
Full WW Quintet photo :-) Really like this picture though its blur.
KHIAM WEE :-) Haha this is our future section woohoo

Photos: I

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