Saturday, April 12, 2014

Choupinette with Clare

Met Clare for dinner on Tuesday after what was literally ages. We actually planned to go to The Missing Pan for dinner as we were keen to try out their highly-raved brunch items, but turns out, they don't serve brunch items after 6pm. :-( I felt so cheated of a whole days' excitement (I even called to make a reservation and got mocked by my "friends"?!?! ((jk love you guys))) but yeah I guess its not really their fault we didn't check properly haha. So we headed down to Choupinette instead.

(10/10 for ambiance!!! It's super vintage-y and pretty and English :) )

It was about 6pm by the time we got there, and Choupinette closed at 7pm. It was empty except for the both of us! The waiter very vexedly warned us that he would kick us out (well words to that extent, anyway) at 7pm sharp and glared at us, not failing to pointedly remind us that he has since closed to coffee machines and was about to close the kitchens. So much for service! Anyway, the service was really, really bad. I don't usually complain about service but this is a new low, even for me!

Clare ordered the Eggs Royale set ($23) while I had the toast set ($25) (forgot the French name hehe oops). Hers was basically an Eggs Benedict except with smoked salmon in place of ham, and mine was a croque-monsieur with chicken in place of ham.

I tried a bit of her Eggs Royale and it was pretty yummy! She finished everything really quickly too hehe so that should be an indication of how good it was/hungry she was hut hur. My sandwich was yumz too! I liked the cheesy top, though the chicken bits were pretty dry. :-(

My set came with a dessert of choice (Creme brûlée, chocolate mousse or 4 macaroons). I chose the chocolate mousse and we shared it! If ordered a la carte, it would've set us back $7.50. In my opinion, it isn't event worth a dollar (Ikea's chocolate mousse is so much better and only $1.50?!) There was water-y fluid near the bottom of the shot glass and the mousse was just so meh. Maybe the macaroons would've been a better choice. :-(

All in all, the food is still quite all right! Portions were rather small though, and I felt it wasn't really worth the hefty price tag. :-( Also, I realised I feel really uncomfortable wasting so much money unnecessarily on food haha so I guess this would be my last indulgent meal in a while. :(

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, 'twas a great catch up with Clare and I really hope I can keep up with these Tuesday-dinner-date-catch-ups-with-friends :-)

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