Saturday, April 19, 2014


Met up with Hansol on Good Friday morning for breakfast at Food For Thought because she was craving for the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes we had the last time we were there.

We arrived around 9.30am and the restaurant was literally bursting with people! It was so noisy and crowded and rather warm since there were so many people radiating heat...(miss doing physics hahaha) Despite the crowd, our food came in about 10 minutes! Thumbs up for efficient service. :-)

We stayed there until 11.30am-ish talking about our JC lives and just catching up on each other. I really miss my best friend in class :-( Glad to see that she is doing well in ACJC though!

We ordered the same thing hahaha I felt a bit !@#$ (you know that tugging feeling you get when you don't know if you made the right choice?!) ordering the exact same thing but all's good because it was really yumzA. :-)

"You're still my favourite person to touch" HAHAHAHA

(Yeah Hansol is quite strange)

Apparently her eyes are too big to do a proper eye-roll...#jealousmax


We look like we are lying on the grass but no we were actually doing some intense ab workout

Walked from the Nassim Gate of Botanic Gardens all the way back to the MRT in the sweltering heat and hobo-ed around the MRT station before parting ways.

This will definitely not be the last time we see each other!!!111!1!!1!1

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