Thursday, March 27, 2014

No Shoes Day 2014/新药

As part of Heartware 2014, the Community Advocates set Thursday to be the annual No Shoes Day. It's supposed to let us empathise with the people in rural areas who don't have shoes to wear and....there was a pun about soles/souls but I forgot. :-(

Quite a number of people participated in this initiative, including myself! It felt a bit weird at first, walking around barefoot in school but after a while my feet were so dirty I no longer cared hahaha. The school's floor is also surprisingly smooth :-) albeit dusty, of course.

To be very honest I really don't think this No Shoes Day thing is really useful in helping the people it is intended to help but I guess it's a really good way to raise awareness about it, so more people can do something to help! :-)

(hello Audrey)

MRT selfie!!!

So apparently the RI Chinese Department signed us up for this concert where we would listen to Singaporean songs because there is just a slightest chance we may have to bring that in for our oral. There were 45 tickets and our laoshi made it compulsory for us to attend unless we had a legitimate reason not to, AND if we didn't go we would get a white slip (which could cause you your "Excellent" conduct grade - the horror). The best part is, we found out this concert's recommended age group is 12-15 year olds...hahaha wa0w I felt really out of place there, but the music was pretty good. Had fun (trying to) sing along with the singers (Chinese lyrics a bit hard to read quickly uh)!

(Look at the queue sobbles)

After the concert, Su Ann and I ran off to get llaollao since we were at the Esplanade! We literally flew ok I felt so judged by everyone we walked (flew) past. When we reached there was this long queue snaking out of llaollao and my heart literally dropped. Turns out its approaching the expiry date for the 1-for-1 llaollao Groupon and Singaporeans being Singaporeans...well the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Who in their right mind would wait so long for a cup of frozen yogurt, right?! We trudged glumly back to Esplanade MRT station and went home and went to sleep goodnight xoxo...just kidding!!!

We stubbornly waited in line for a good 15 minutes before finally getting our hands on the prized cup of froyo. All right, 15 minutes isn't that long a wait but I think that was because the servers were really quick! There were at LEAST twenty people before us!

Happy kids with our much-awaited llaollao!

It was really great spending time with her hahaha she's a cool kid! Can't wait to see what the next two years would bring us. :)

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