Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Anderson Junior College Symphonic Band: Limelight 2014

Went for Anderson JC band's Limelight yesterday with a bunch of 4/6 people. Funny story how I got invited to one day, out of the blue, Rebecca texted me "Jin-wen! So I order ticket for u k! ;)" and yup that pretty much sealed the deal hahahaha. Anyway I guess I would've gone to support her even if she didn't force me to go hut hur.

As usual, we were almost late for the concert. :-( Everyone must have totally been judging us, this group of uniform-clad girls running (flying) through the Esplanade link way place all the way to the concert hall! Also, we were all in different uniforms so it must have looked pretty strange.

The first half of the concert was more interesting, in my opinion. I can't really remember what pieces they played (no programme booklet sobbity sob) but it was the kind that makes your heart pound hahaha. Their alumni band was pretty good too! Time really flies during band concerts because pretty soon it was intermission a.k.a. photo-taking time.

Victoria!!! Really miss having her around in band hahaha this noob almost came to RI!!! :-( Sigh pie


I like how disorganised this photo is

GOT TO SEE MY MAIN BAE REGI!!! I was really happy to see her haha the last time we met was like last December?!?! Miss her so so so much :')

I swear Hansol is obsessed with these kiss-cringe photos

The second half of the concert was so-so haha not really astounding or anything but not that bad either. They played mainly pop songs which...well I guess it caters to a different demographic of the audience. (Frozen is really over-rated please let it go!!!) Watching Mr A conduct again brought back so many SMSB memories :'-) Thanks AJCSB for the great music!

We waited about 45 minutes for Rebecca to come out and get her flowers and balloons but sadly the bus went off before we could see her!!! Was pretty annoyed but at least we managed to catch a train back home.

We were so tired that we didn't even try to look decent.


Gearing up for the band concert season wheeeeEEEeeEEe!!!

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