Friday, May 30, 2014

End of Term 2 (2014)

Today marks the end of my first semester in Raffles! It has been a really tiring and sometimes frustrating four-or-so months but the memories and friendships made really make it all worth it. :-) (sounds cheesy but it's true) I'm so very grateful for everyone who has made life in Raffles enjoyable thus far! Big shout-out to the most nonsensical class, 15S03Handicapable/arbour/otchicks as well as the batchies in RSB!!! Y'all have made the weeks fly by super quickly (because time flies when you're having fun). Not to forget the awesome possum teachers and the few friends I've made here and there outside of regular class/CCA hehe it's nice making new friends in a once-unfamiliar-but-now-not-so environment!!!

Here are just snippets of what happened today :-)

Lift selfie!!! After three hours of biology wew wew!
(Made less dull because of FOOD yay thanks Ms Hor and Jia Qi ʕ̡̢̡*✪௰✪ૢʔ̢̡̢)

We had a really intense session of captain's ball during PE, using this giant rugby-ball-shaped fish balloon-ball thing instead! It was really really fun because the odd shape of the ball makes it difficult to throw/catch properly so there were lots of wacky interceptions that happened!

What goes on after math (which ended 15 minutes early woohoo)
(ft. ballerina Jesslyn hahahaha)

Selfie with Jia Qi!!! Really thankful to have him as a classmate! If not for his daily/weekly/whenever-he-feels-like-it-ly e-mail reminders, I really don't know how our class would keep track of things haha. :-) Also thank you for the food that you always buy to keep us all alive*, it's really a blessing to have you as a classmate and friend!!!

After class, I was supposed to go to the school gym with Su Ann but after seeing all den buff guys basically dominating the gym, we were like "OK NOOOP GOODBYE" haha and went to the pull-up bar area to lepak and met Huiru there!

Went for the leadership talk thingamajig with Huiru, Damien (Neimad) and Khiam Wee (Khiamz) at 4pm. It was actually pretty insightful and relevant hahaha I'm glad I went!!! :-)

"Ok bye guys need to zao"
*Runs off*
*Ends up walking 5 steps in front of us*


Afterwards, I went to Marymount MRT station to wait for Hansol!
Almost everyone else was heading for Rockout. :-(

Chatted with Hansol for a while (general catching-up) while waiting for Jai Thai to open (they follow their opening hours very strictly). 

We ordered pineapple rice and a green curry to share! The lighting wasn't very good for photos though. But it was really nice talking to her over yummy Thai food 
✧(  ु•⌄• )◞◟( •⌄• ू )✧

Bad lighting woohoo

After dinner, I wanted to wait for the sunset so she could see just how beautiful the orangey-pink sky was at Marymount field area but we had about fifteen minutes to kill so I took her for a "tour" around RI hahaha. Actually we just went to the canteen and took photos and met Su Ann and then walked back out HAHA. Oh yes, the creepiest thing happened!

Su Ann holding her camera: Do y'all want to take your kiss-cringe #jinsol photo or not?!?!?
Hansol: (´⊙ω⊙`)!?!?!? (There was no introduction hahaha)

It's quite cool hehe seeing how Su Ann always says I'm an Insta-creep...well now she's the creep!

Decided to go to Salted Caramel for dessert and stopped by the playground to be kids

The flying fox didn't fly at all because too much mass HAHAHA. It's meant for kids aged 6-12 years old so...

Ice-cream!!! The brownie was really really dense and fudgey! 11/10

Basically got judged by all the other commuters on the train but oh well.

I really enjoyed catching up with Hansol and she's one of the very few people I can call my best friend without hesitation. :-)


Marks the start of a (hopefully) productive yet fun June holiday!!!111!!!!!1!!!1!!!!111!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Tempo XXIII ♬♪♫

So last night was the big night - A Tempo XXIII! It was really a long day for us as we had to perform for the RI (Y1-4) Open House in the morning as well! Basically the plan for the day was Open House performance > SCH rehearsal > Showtime! Doesn’t sound that tiring on paper (well…screen?) but with all the logistical and physical stuff to handle, it was pretty tiring haha.

Lepak-ing before Open House performance!
Was a great time singing along to random dance-y music hur hur.

Anyway, I’m going off-tangent now. What did I want to write about…oh right, my thoughts on A Tempo hahaha okay let’s get started.

First off, I would just like to emphasise how big of a deal this concert was to me. It was the first time I’ve ever had a proper solo part in an actual concert! It might not seem like much or maybe I’m making too big a fuss about it but anyway it’s my first-ever solo and I was pretty damn excited about it…well until about ten minutes before we walked on-stage and then I was pretty much freaking out internally hahahaha. It didn’t help that I chipped my good reed just three days before the concert! Up to yesterday afternoon, I was still undecided as to whether I should stick with the chipped reed or use another reed which wasn’t as…resounding I suppose. Most of the band people would know that bassoons are practically inaudible in the band so I was worried that I would be too soft if I were to use the alternative reed…(like what happened during the ensemble concert where all you could hear was flute/oboe/clarinet hahaha sian)

ANYWAY, so during the whole first to third movements of the Firebird, I was sweating like mad and feeling super duper jittery and a million things raced through my head despite me trying to tell myself to calm down and get absorbed in the music. Then before I knew it, it was all over. I didn’t really know if it was good or not but all I knew was that I DID IT!!!!!!!! That feeling of accomplishment felt so so so good. :-) During intermission, a few of my band-mates and tutor (!!! much pressure haha) and Mr Lim congratulated me and said it was nice so I was kind of reassured after that. Haha the funniest thing is that a few of them thought I intentionally did a vibrato when it was really just me being extremely nervous. But okay that’s a convenient guise for nervousness haha :-) I was just enjoying the moment and I’m so grateful for such a great first experience. :-)

I think all of us had fun throughout this entire concert (I know I did!) After the Intermission, everyone was just so pumped up (could also be because the second-half pieces were more high-energy) and it was just piece after piece of fun music-making. The highlight was definitely the Tuba Concerto haha Jian Zhou played really really well, everyone was just gushing about how “the tuba guy damn zai eh!!!” after the concert haha. Darren too! Actually, all the soloist were really really awesome! Trumpets, saxophones, oboe, flutes, euphonium, EVERYONE like it was just so great to listen to them showing their stuff haha (perks of playing bass line hehe oops).

I would just like to thank a few people who contributed a lot to this concert/my preparation for it.

MY PARENTS!!! Thanks Mom and Dad for driving out of the house at 8pm or 9pm just to pick me up from the MRT station, even when you guys have already settled down comfortably at home! Thanks for being supportive of me throughout my four (and a half?) years in band, never failing to attend all my concerts! I think I’m really fortunate to have understanding and supportive parents. :-)

Mr Derek Lim and Mr Wong! Thank you teachers for accepting me into RI through the whole conditional JAE thing (such a burden to explain this haha) even though there were probably loads of other applicants who were more talented/deserving than me! If I weren’t in RSB, I would not have had the chance to perform alongside such talented musicians and also get to perform my first solo!!! So thank you for the opportunity given, and I look forward to contributing more to the band over the course of the next two years. :-) Also, thanks for being such cool teachers-in-charge! For having faith in the band and also for organising all the logistical stuff for the concert. It must have been really tedious work so thank you for taking the time and trouble to do all that just so we could have a great concert!

Mr Lim YH and Mr Aw, my conductor and tutor respectively! Thanks Mr Aw for coming down to RI and spending time conducting tutoring lessons, and even staying a while after on your own accord just to make sure that we are all set and ready to perform. AND not forgetting entertaining my last-minute reed-problems via WhatsApp hahahahaha. To Mr Lim, thank you for the flowers HAHA (Mr Lim said if he received flowers after the concert he’d give them to me, and he did haha!) it’s really nice of you. :-) Thank you for not cutting my part and passing the solo to the euphoniums or some other similar-ranged instrument!!! :P I’m so thankful to have such encouraging instructors hehe.


Backstage selfie!!!


Saxophones and Lower Woodwinds! 
Lovely yet dysfunctional section (quoted from Perina)

This photo captured all everyone's emotions then haha if I remember correctly, Mr Wong said something funny (he's really sassy!!!) and everyone just died

RSB band-mates! THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO WISHED ME GOOD LUCK BEFORE FIREBIRD!!! It might be a small thing to y’all but it did help me gain confidence and calm myself down haha. :-)

Khiam Wee





Wei Ze and Xiao Feng! (#weifeng, don't mess)

Qing Kai
(everyone is too excited about #Qingwen haha it's quite amusing actually)

Judging them selfie-ing with Mr Wong (I later crawled into the selfie haha oops)
((If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!))

Tired souls at 12.05am

They look like twins, no???

MEP kids so exclusive :'(

Strange VS kids

Being strange with the VS kids (actually quite swaggy eh haha)

The RSB’2015 kids!!! Thank guys for always being able to brighten my day. You make me look forward to band practices every…practice HAHA. Big shout-out to Huiru who’s been my source of support, entertainment and well, generally almost everything, throughout the past few months in band! I really appreciate you and I love spending time with you so please stop being so popz and hang out with me more HAHAHA #overlyattached. To Damien, Qing Kai, Nicholas, Khiam Wee, Clara, Jamie and Darren, thank you guys for being great friends and I’m glad I have you guys in band with me. :-)


Lim Ning


Rebecca Yeow

This girl has been to three band concerts in the past 2 months alone even though she's not a band-ie haha aww <3 (#problemsofhavingfriendsinband #allfromdifferentschools)

Sang Ah!
Really touched that she came for A Tempo XXIII because initially, she wasn't too keen because of certain ~problems~ but so so so glad that she came in the end. Love you so much Sangz! :')


Kylie! My friend since-way-before-birth hahaha so happy we are reunited in Raffles!!! :-)

Mitchell! (bad photo but he's the only one from 3H who came haha sian)

My favourite senior who's been supporting me all these years we've been friends and I am incredibly blessed to be able to call her my friend. (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)

My friends who came for the concert: Regi (and Jonathan hur hur), Sang Ah, Rebecca, Victoria, Hansol, Esther Soong, Lim Ning and Kylie!!! THANK YOU GUYS FOR SUPPORTING ME AT A TEMPO XXIII! I do feel a little sad that I didn’t get as much time to chat with you guys after the concert, but I do hope that you enjoyed it! I’m really blessed to have you guys in my life, and I hope our friendship extends a lifetime because I never ever want to lose y’all! Thank you for the flowers and name-shouts as well! I feel so loved haha I could never have done it without your support, it really does make a difference! :-))))) SMELL YOU GUYS AROUND!

Also, Jin Jun for being the unofficial (or official?) photographer throughout the day! The photos he takes/edits are really nice hahaha.

(Exhibit A)

(Exhibit B)

Last but definitely not least, God, who has basically had control over the entire concert as well as the preparations leading up to it. Thank you for everything. :’-)

Well, I guess this is it…my first concert with Raffles Symphonic Band. I’m going to miss the seniors after they graduate! Now we are only left with fifteen people in the band and I’m extremely nervous yet excited to see what the year ahead brings us (probably a lot of ensembles hahaha!)

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