Saturday, May 10, 2014

ACJC Band's Muse 2014

Last Sunday, I went for the ACJC Band's Muse concert with Qing Kai and Darren, at the Esplanade! I believe more people would've come (from RSB '15) if not for the pricey ticket ($20) :'-( I guess it's because the Esplanade really is an expensive stage to perform on and also, the quality of music we would be treated to is really...of standard hahahaha. (This is such awkward phrasing!!!) Anyway, I really wanted to support two of my best friends in band, Victoria and Sang Ah! :-)

I met Darren and Qing Kai at City Hall/Marina Square earlier and we were going to get llaollao (!!!) but they wanted to have proper food first so we ended up at McDonald's haha...ha. I just watched them eat because I really cannot bring myself to eat fast food yet (well except Subway I suppose).

Darren and I in the queue while popz Qing Kai (he met like 2 groups of friends on the way there lul) dissociated from us :'-(

By the time I got my llaollao (lol guess who were too full for froyo sob) it was about 7.20pm and we ran like mad to the Esplanade concert hall (concert started at 7.30pm!) We were running/brisk-walking/flying so intensely that the front of my flats tore open. #badluckjin-wen :-( I really liked those flats tooOOOoOOoo haha actually they are my only pair of flats so...dayum.

Anyway suffice it to say we reached quite on time and even had time for Darren to go to the toilet haha.

View from our seats! Looks really far away but it was actually quite all right.

Picture credits to Ze Hui who was sitting in front haha. Sang Ah looks so qt3.142!!!

We were sitting in the stalls in Circle 2 so it was pretty high up, and could see everyone!!! :-) Usually when you sit in the bottom floor seats (can't remember what they're called whoops) you only see the legs of the performers and completely can't see the riser sections haha so this was a good change!

ACJC Band played really expected. At random points throughout the concert though, I kept smiling to myself because I was just overcome with this sense of pride and happiness for Wongypongy and Sangz. Like there are some ~issues~ that I don't really want to elaborate on here but yeah I was just so so so happy for them and felt like a proud mama. :'-) I also thought about how it would've been like if I had gone to ACJC instead and performed with them...but no, as appealing as that sounds, I'm really glad that I got to join RSB so no ragrets :-)

During intermission, I caught up with Hansol and apparently her classmate was Qing Kai's Sec 4 classmate/good friend!!! Hahaha what are the odds! (actually quite high lah because smartypants Hansol is in the scholar class ;-)) Took lots of photos with the SMSS girls, saw a few of our RSB seniors and passed A Tempo tickets to people then haha (any time is a good time for publicity).

Whew whew my two girlfriends hahaha (I'm pretty sure they're both vainer than me)

Just to clarify, those flowers weren't for/from Qing Kai (⊙﹏⊙✿)

Hansol: "I forbid you to go so close!!!"
Me: "You mean like this???????"
HAHAHAHA #overlyattachedHansol #wifenumber3


Our kiss-cringe photo haha it's like a must-take every time we meet!

So...when we went back to our seats after intermission, we realised that our RSB seniors were sitting a few rows behind us and Darren started waving and shouting "Hello!!!!!!" really dramatically and Qing Kai and I just died right there hahahahahahahahaha it was such an amusing sight I still can't get over it like one week after the concert (i.e. now). I swear people were totally judging us lol.

Anyway the concert ended pretty early (9.30pm!!!) and we got to hang around, waiting for the performers to come out and give them our flowers/balloons/whatevers. Qing Kai and Darren also met a few of their friends so I guess everyone's happy haha but they left around 10pm-ish and I stayed with Hansol, Ashley, Rebecca, Rachel and Denise to wait for Victoria and Sang Ah! Took photos with friends and just talked a lot of nonsense with them while waiting hahaha I miss the St. Marg's environment :'-)

Hansol made friends with Qk and Darren and took a selfie and cut me out thanks

Ze Hui!!!

It was worth the wait though, because that moment, when they came out of the door and was embraced with hugs and "omg you did so well!!!"s, was gold. :'-) 

Love you Sang Ah!!!!!!!!
(Poor quality photo but who cares because what's in it is so much more important, no?)

with Victoria! SUPER proud of her haha I'm glad she chose to follow her heart despite knowing that it'll be a really tough road ahead. You're going to come out of this a fantastic musician, I'm sure of it!!!

It was pretty late by then so I took the MRT back with Hansol, and my parents gave her a lift from the MRT station back home.


A great ending to a great great great great night.

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