Saturday, May 10, 2014

JAZZ: Take My Word For It

Made a super impromptu decision to watch Jazz's concert, Take My Word For It, last night! It turned out to be a great decision, despite having to run from the band room (at RI Y1-4 side) to tha Performing Arts Center (at RJ side) right after band ended!

Big shout-out to Muyu who so kindly waited for me even though I was really slow and told him he could just go ahead without me. :-)))

Was supposed to meet the S03H girls before the concert started to sit together but I was kind of late and they couldn't very well chope 10 seats in a row so I ended up having to sit beside some random stranger. :-( But it was a nice random stranger haha she was really nice about it!!! (this is starting to sound strange, please bear with me)

The performers were all so talented omg?!?!?! One thing I felt could be improved on was the balance. I think the drum set was a little too loud haha and it's quite hard to hear the other soloists (e.g. trombone!!!) above the drums :-( Other than that, the Jazzers were all really great and put up a wonderful (wen-derful?) performance!!!

Devni, Mitchell and Joyce! I remembered last year, during Tune In (RSB), Devni was super self-conscious about her singing! Seeing her sing so confidently and seeing how happy that makes her makes me really glad for her (haha are there too many "makes" in this sentence? Oops)!

Starring Mitchell hahaha he acted really really well!!! His lines were so Mitchell and yeah, just really entertaining haha :-)

Our class decided to scream "Marry me Mitch!!!" at various (appropriate) points during the act haha it was really funny. Also, after the concert, we kept yelling "Mitchell!!!" to take a photo with him (it was rly noisy!!!) and yeah we sounded like desperate fangirls HAHAHA. Love my class/mates :'-)

"Put the roses between your teeth!!!"

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