Saturday, May 10, 2014

ORA Family Fest 2014

I signed up for the ORA Walkajogathon (more like Strollathon) so that I could get the ORA shirt haha. The previous (or maybe 2 years ago, I'm not sure) years' shirt was really really nice so I had high hopes for this!!! Also, I really need more Raffles shirts haha. This year's shirt wasn't as nice as the previous one, but I guess it's not that bad either!

Anyway, so I had to go to RGS at 7.15am to collect the shirt/walk/jog/stroll haha. Only three people from each class is allowed to sign up for this so from S03H, there was Vint Seng, Sher Mein and I. Sher Mein couldn't come because she had ALPS training so I think someone else replaced her! Since I had band afterwards (ok technically I missed a bit of band to go for this but I couldn't find a replacement for myself!) I met up with Huiru and we walked/jogged/strolled together. The original plan was to go with Vs but he was with his RI friends so...yeah I didn't want to get in the way hahahahahahaha (⊙﹏⊙)

I know I keep saying this but WHY IS VS PRETTIER THAN ME cry

They flagged us off by level, so it was RGS > RI > RJ. The RGS girls really ran! Like you could see them actually trying to complete the route quickly and actually running it. Compared to the RI boys later who literally walked like bosses less than two seconds into the start. They were one whole PACK swagging down the track together, almost like an army platoon hahaha. Some teacher had to yell at them to run and then the front few boys started to pretend as though they were actually running hahaha it was so hilarious. Then when they flagged off the Year 5s, we just walked and the teachers didn't really say anything haha I think they might've just given up on getting us to actually run. I mean, it's a WALKajogathon, right?!?!

Since the route was about 1.5km, we finished it pretty quickly and went around the booths trying to spend the coupons we had before leaving for band!

Check out the girl trying to photo-bomb hahaha good attempt ;-)

It was kind of like the ACJC Fun-O-Rama except less diverse in terms of the people who attended, and also less...hyped up? But actually the latter isn't really fair because I left pretty early into the carnival haha so maybe the crowd only comes a bit later!

Anyway it was a great first ORA and I wouldn't mind going again next year (for the shirt) hahaha

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