Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LoveMG: Christ is Enough

Went to Methodist Girls' School (MGS) with Jamie, Khiam Wee and Qing Kai last night for LoveMG! Apparently it's an annual gathering of Christians where they have worship and a message at MGS haha. I've never been to MGS before so I was pretty excited to go look look see see.

(I went back to St. Marg's while they had dinner at Empress Market because they didn't love me enough to walk one bus stop hahaha sobsicles)

Even before reaching the school gate, I was hit by a huge wave of nostalgia. Pressed the buzzer for the first time ever because there's no other SMSS girls coming from behind to press for me (clean-freak problems) haha and called Hansol for ~moral support~ while walking to the General Office. Ahhhh it felt so great to be back, I honestly can't wait for Speech Day to come!!! Super excited to see all the St. Marg's girls (even those I was never close to) in the graduation gown and jdksabhigbibvkjb so much feels. :'-)

So anyway since I was alone and it was kind of spartan, I decided to take a few selfies with "iconic" stuff in school but was too lazy to walk around the entire school campus so I just stuck to the parade square area hur hur.

The stained glass is really really beautiful!!! (Ms Kaur was totally judging me when I took this hahaha)

SMSS > Dinner any time haha

Only posting this because EVERYONE CHECK OUT QING KAI!!!11!!!111!!1!!!!1!!
Hahahahaha so kawaii all

You are supposed to be asleep

There that's better. HAHA the both of them were sooOOoOoOo tired even though I was the one who ended classes at 5.05pm -___- 

Khiam Wee's friend, Jan joined us halfway into the event! She replaced Qing Kai who left earlier hahaha.

She's the first person we realised that Khiam Wee has not insulted eh ooOOoOOoooooOOOoh ;-)

The whole thing was pretty cool! The speaker was a Mr Martin who reminded me of the pastor Joseph Prince a lot. I was inspired by his testimonies and felt really refreshed afterwards. :-) Glad that Jamie invited us for the event!

Walked to Bukit Timah Market intending to lepak for a while but it was really late (11-ish? Haha okay it's late by my standards, don't judge) so I walked back home while the other three continued to stay until who-knows-when.

Yay great night great company greatest God. :-)

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