Sunday, May 25, 2014

Habitat Coffee

Celebrated post-GP CTs with Huiru before band started last Wednesday! We went to Habitat Coffee along Upper Thomson Road because we've both been wanting to visit them for quite some time but haven't because JC life is the busy life. :-(

Also, we were kind of broke so we ordered 3 items to share haha.

Iced latte - how can you go to Habitat Coffee without ordering their coffee?!? I'm not a coffee connoisseur so I don't really know how to gauge the "nice-ness" of coffee haha but I guess it was average-ish but nice (according to Huiru) ((who took coffee-appreciation classes last year haha))

Truffle fries! $8
I heard a lot of good reviews about the truffle fries here so we decided to treat ourselves to an $8 mess-tin of french fries hahaha. The truffle was not very strong, and only more distinct on the fries nearer the top (I think they just poured a bit of truffle oil on the top before serving). Not very worth the money, I would say, but it's a nice appetiser to snack on before the main meal comes.

Tomato relish (I think) $15
It was really really delicious haha but the stew was a bit salty if eaten on its own! That's what the bread is for, no? The runny eggs were really fun to polk, watching the river of golden yolk flow everywhere. There were bacon bits and spinach in the stew as well, but the taste of the tomato was really too strong.

Overall, I think Habitat Coffee is a tad bit over-priced, but the ambiance is good for a catch-up with friends or just an afternoon of pampering yourself! :-) The cakes on the display case looked really beautiful and I hope to come back one day to try them!

Food-stagrammer caught in action hehe

Bottom-up isn't the best angle for selfies but what to do when the signboard is so high up? :/

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