Monday, June 02, 2014

June holiday plans

Just thought I'd do a brief post about what I intend to complete this holiday! Actually it's more of something to hold me accountable for haha if not this month will fly past so quickly before I even get cracking on the books.

1. Revision (that's a given so to be more specific, I want to re-do most of my tutorials and read/make my own summary notes)
Well, at least that was done! (minus the tutorials part whoops)

2. Café-hopping (not exactly hopping but more of visiting the cafés I've wanted to try since last year hehe)
- Department of Caffeine (D.O.C.)
- Group Therapy
- One Man Coffee
- To-Gather Café
- The Bravery
- Penny University
- Toby's Estate
- Club Street Social
I WENT TO NONE hahaha...haha...ha. Oh well, December holidays it is, then!

3. Learn how to use the DSLR on manual/whatever mode that is not "Auto"
I kinduv did, but rather superficially, so I guess a half-cancel would be deserved? :)

4. Exercise more (swimming!!! finally the pool has finished maintenance-ing!!!)
I did exercise but not more than what I usually would do during school time so I guess this is a no-go :(

5. Catch up with new and old friends
Met up with so many SMSS friends this holiday!!! :-) but none from Raffles though oops but at least I've still a year more with them!

6. Practice the piano more haha exam is coming up and I need to do well!!!
I DID!!! yay

Yup that's pretty much it! Though it seems like it's only a few points, I think it's already quite ambitious haha but it's all right, NO STRESS!!! Let's all enjoy this one month "break" as best as we can :-)

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