Monday, June 09, 2014

Chocolat 'N' Spice

Had lunch with Su Ann on Friday, just before going for instructor practice in school! We went to Shun Fu Market (Mart???) for lunch to try the legendary (ok maybe not so legendary but quite famous) muffins from Chocolate 'N' Spice. Su Ann took a cab from Bedok and I walked there from school, and I was joking about how if her cab passes by me on the way, please pick me up!!! Guess what, her cab did drive past me but then instead of letting me hitch a ride she alighted right next to me HAHAHA it was quite funny. Anyway don't judge pls I am not lazy it's just really tiring carrying my instrument around in the hot hot hot sun. :(

Anyway, by the time we found a seat and settled down to queue for muffins, they were all sold out except for the chocolate chip and double chocolates! So we got one each and stuffed them in our bags before going to buy proper lunch haha. Yes, the probability of our muffins getting stolen is higher than that of our bags. *molester moon emoji*

The muffins were pretty good but not amazing-fantastic-mindblowing kind of good! It was pretty soft and airy on the inside, while maintaining its crisp slightly-charred exterior. It would do better with more chocolate chips inside, though!

I would definitely recommend you to visit their shop before 1pm if you want to try a variety of flavours! Do note that they are closed on Sundays.

Had a great time lunch-ing with her and also walking back with her to school was great because she was my slave and carried my instrument for me hehe. Well she wanted to anyway because she needs to "start upping her (fitness) game" haha (eh canoeist #don'tmess)

After tutoring, I had an hour to rush Project Work WR and make the final touch-ups before sending it to Mr Chris at 4.59pm haha. Everyone in the computer lab was rushing to send their WRs in, and it didn't help that the computers sent this automatic alert that "The computer lab will close in 5 minutes. All unsaved documents will be closed." or words to that effect. I legit had heart palpitations as I rushed to edit the final few sentences and sent it in hahaha it was fun :)))

Sent mine in at 4.58pm and helped her send hers in at 4.59pm haha!

Sorry couldn't think of a good pose in time because people were judging

Then we lepak-ed around the pick-up point and yup always a good time with her man :'-)

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