Monday, June 09, 2014

SNYO Audition

On Saturday, I went to CCAB for my SNYO audition! I was really really nervous when I first reached the place and had last-minute panic attacks like "What am I even doing here???", "I'm going to embarrass myself ack!!!" and "Oh man why did I ever sign up for this?!?" haha. Thankfully, I calmed down a bit after and actually felt excited to go for the audition haha.

I arrived about half an hour earlier so I spent a lot of time staring at the empty football (?) field just outside haha. Anyway, the audition panel consisted of Mr Leonard Tan (whom I realised was one of the first conductors of SMSB!!! and also a Raffles alumni) and the SNYO IC, Mrs Teoh! It wasn't as scary as I had made it out to be initially, partly because the panel was super nice and friendly! Mr Tan talked to me for a bit before we started and it helped to settle my nerves haha :)

Okay well I wouldn't say my audition went great in terms of me playing well but I think I really did enjoy myself! I felt like I was being really natural and genuine haha (well partly because I didn't even think there was going to be an interview?!) I got offered a place in SNYS, which is basically one level down from SNYO, for the "less zai" people hahaha. I think I'm happy with the outcome though! Less stress (already feeling stressed in RSB lol pls much less YO) and (hopefully) same amount of fun, sounds great!!! :-) I'm quite excited to start practices with them and hopefully make new friends!

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