Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Super Marrow street sales!

Signed up for Super Marrow's street sales with Damien because he was looking for CIP opportunities and I wanted to support Kylie! She's part of the organising committee of this project which is pretty cool. So basically what we had to do was to go sell stuff (badges and keychains) ((the keychain was a flower with red blood cells as petals!!! super cute)) to passers-by in support of the Bone Marrow Donor Programme.

We were stationed outside TANGS/Scotts Square area for the first hour and sales were going pretty well, with many people also donating spare change without buying the badges/keychains. Until some security guard kind of chased us away because apparently that area is considered "outside shopping malls" haha. It's quite ridiculous actually because almost everywhere along Orchard road is "outside a shopping mall"!!! Oh well but it wasn't as though we could do anything except comply and move to another area!

This dude gave us American dollars hehe so cool!!!

We ended up walking to Dhoby Ghaut haha and donated to some RG girls and Cedar/SJI kids who were doing street sales/flag day as well! There were SO.MANY people doing ss/flag day today, literally one street had at least three different pairs of people collecting donations. :-( I talked a bit with the Cedar/SJI kids and they are so.cute!!! Haha making the most out of the situation!

After realising that the streets of Dhoby Ghaut was pretty empty that time, we walked back to Orchard hahaha. We stayed outside Wheelock-ish area for awhile, but we were literally sandwiched between two pairs of Crescent girls so we went across the road, near Shaw House!

There was a man selling magazines and whatnot on the same street as us, and he kept glaring/giving Neimad and I dirty looks because we were getting loads more donations than he customers. It was slightly unnerving because he kept muttering under his breath and spat a few times in our direction as well hahaha. We were just really glad to sell all our merchandise and leave the area before anything else could happen HAHAHA.

After selling all our stuff WEW

It was quite fun I guess haha I don't know what to expect, really, as this is my first time doing street sales! I learnt a bit more about how to sell yourself/your cause and also how to pick up on people's body language, which is really cool. :-)

After a tiring four hours, we got Boost juice from Ion hehe ^___^ It was Neimad's first-ever Boost WHOOOP glad you enjoyed it (I think/hope)!!!

Afterwards, he went back home to sleep and I stayed in town shopping!~!~!~!~!
Altogether, it was 8 hours of non-stop walking today for me and my.legs.are.DEAD hahaha I don't know how I'm going to swim/gym tomorrow
(lol jk that's a terrible excuse to do ridonkulous things)

llaollao at 313@Somerset is more expensive than the one at Marina Link Mall (?) but the servers are more generous IMO! Haha but NTS: don't try chococrock sauce again it is basically Nutella, meh.
Okay but this is coming from someone who doesn't like Nutella all that much so it's a little biased.

It's so 2012 but #lootsoftheday!!! Hahaha got mostly basic wardrobe essentials this time round because I realised my wardrobe...didn't have a lot of "wardrobe essentials" *inserts moon-face*
Pretty satisfied with my lot though! I got all these (+ an unpictured shirt because I wore it after buying it because the Team Raffles polo tee was really asdfghjkl) for less than $50!!!

But then the main purpose of this shopping trip was to get a cardigan/knitwear and a pair of flats, but sadly nothing caught my eye. :( Next time then!!!


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