Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sloane Court Hotel breakfast

My dad brought the brother and I to this quaint hotel in the Balmoral area for breakfast this morning! It stands tall and unassuming in the middle of a mess of construction sites. It would only be too easy to overlook this small tavern, especially since it is tucked away in a little side-road along the main road.

Stepping through the heavy wooden (?) doors into the hotel reception, my first thought was "Whoa! This place seems pretty dodgy..." as there was dim lighting and the place smelt of old...things hahaha. There were various guns and rifles mounted on the walls, above old-fashioned curtains that shut light out of the room.

We were the only guests/customers there, and upon our arrival, the waitress (?) pulled open the curtains and advised us on the best seats in the tiny restaurant (where the air-con was stronger, basically). After which we were promptly handed laminated menus.

Their breakfast menu is somewhat limited, though. You have a choice of either a continental breakfast ($5.50), a mini breakfast set ($8.30/$9.50) or the full works ($13).

The mini breakfast set comes with orange juice, scrambled/fried eggs, ham/bacon, 2 slices of toast and a choice of coffee/tea.

The full breakfast set offers orange juice, fried eggs, bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, 2 slices of toast and a choice of coffee/tea.

Brother and I chose the scrambled eggs with ham, while Dad opted for fried eggs with ham.

Service was fast-ish (we were the only customers there!) and our food arrived within fifteen minutes.

The scrambled eggs were nothing short of lovely!!! The buttery flavour and semi-solid texture of the eggs were simply divine. The ham was ordinary though, tasting like something bought from the supermarket. We were offered slices of butter and marmalade to spread on our toast, but I prefer to eat the toast with ham, as the ham was quite salty. The toast was crustless, like the bread found in old-fashioned confectionaries. It remained pretty crisp, despite being left out for quite a while. :-)

The orange juice probably came from a juice carton while the coffee was meh.

Oh, I did not get to try my dad's fried eggs, but I saw that the yolk was runny, and that's always a good sign. :-)

I probably might return to this place again for a nice, quiet, old English-style breakfast, but I wouldn't say it is the best value-for-money as there are many other breakfast places out there.

English Restaurant and Bar
Sloane Court Hotel
17 Balmoral Road
(Off Stevens Road, Off Bukit Timah Road)
Singapore 259803

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