Friday, June 13, 2014

Catch-up with Valerie

Met up for lunch with Valerie today! We went to La Nonna at Holland Village because what's more attractive than good Italian food at a budget! Okay, not really a budget but it was cheaper because they have a 1-for-1 lunchtime promotion at their HV branch. :-)

We ordered the La Nonna Signature pizza as well as the Lobster Ravioli! I've had the pizza quite a few times already, so it didn't really wow me that much this time round. The ravioli, on the other hand, was spectacular! Valerie said she didn't really think it was that fantastic so I guess taste really is subjective haha. For me, I liked that the pasta shell was just a little on the firm side, bursting with lobster bits generously stuffed inside. Their tomato sauce-thing was really good as well!

It was a really satisfying lunch, and more so catching up with Valerie! I've not seen her since January (I think) and it was great finally finding the opportunity to meet again. :-)

After lunch, we headed to Provence to do a bit of work, and then to Cedele at Rail Mall because Provence closed at 5pm.

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