Saturday, June 14, 2014

Peach Garden Dim Sum High Tea Buffet

Went for a dim sum buffet with the family this afternoon at Peach Garden! We meant to dine there last Sunday but it was fully booked when we called (on the day itself) for a reservation. We learnt our lesson and called a night before to reserve a table haha. The buffet started at 3pm and we arrived on time, but even then we found ourselves behind a long queue in front of the restaurant!

As we got seated, a long line had already formed at the start of the buffet line. WHOA Singaporeans sure are kiasu hahaha I felt mildly embarrassed for them but then that changed to annoyance quickly because long queues are always a drag. :-(

Thankfully, there were waitresses touting trolleys of dim sum items, weaving through the tables. Pretty soon, our table was filled with plates of dim sum without any of us having to queue at the buffet line. (The food at the buffet line is different from the ones served by the trolley-touting waitresses!)

The mini egg tarts were delicious!
The egg custard was sweet, but not cloyingly so. The crust was all right though. The only gripe I have is that because the egg tarts are so small, there isn't much kick to eating just one, and so you find yourself having to eat a few egg tarts, which isn't all that bad except that you're actually eating a lot of crust/tart shell because surface area:volume of the egg tart is really big! Whew that was a long and rather convoluted sentence haha but I hope you get the idea.

Look at that cheese oozing out!!!

Cheese Prawn balls!
These were hands-down my favourite dim sum item of the whole buffet. Each ball of prawn was filled with cheese and then deep fried till crisp, without being oily! The ball was basically 70% prawns and 30% cheese, no carbohydrate-dense, starchy flour to "bump up" the sizes of the balls (which some restaurants do)! I had like five of these mini balls of heaven.

Mango Prawn rolls!
These were pretty good too! The slices of mango embedded in the rolls gave a slightly sour/acidic tang to the roll which was, again, generously stuffed with prawns.

Potato balls (?) Well, they were essentially fried mashed potatoes.
I thought it was rather out-of-place, being served in a dim sum buffet hahaha.

Yam fritters!
These were pretty average, and I think Swee Choon's yam fritters are much better! The portion of meat here is rather paltry, but thumbs-up for the flaky bits on the surface of the fritter! :-)

Char Siew Pau a.k.a. the quintessential dim sum item

Crayfish!!! This was taken from the buffet line. I didn't really eat the crayfish because I was too lazy to scrape the shells for meat haha. BUT, my brother devoured plate after plate of this, so it must be quite good because my brother is a picky eater!

Chicken feet, which I still cannot bring myself to eat haha.

Spinach dumplings! It was stuffed with all sorts of mushrooms, but the skin was a bit too gluey for my liking. When I set the dumpling down on my plate, it literally stuck to the plate haha it was a rather gross sight.

Bacon-wrapped chicken! Whoa, this is quite a modern restaurant eh haha. It was delicious though! Quite fattening but it was definitely worth the fats. :-) The chicken meat was tender and so so succulent! The bacon complemented the chicken really well and when eaten together, it was simply shiok!

Glutinous rice, which wasn't that great. It was mostly rice anyway.

Other samplings from the buffet line include sweet and sour fish, braised pork chops as well as braised bean curd with oyster-sauce vegetables! I LOVED THEM ALL!!!

Century Egg porridge was quite good as well! But I'm not such a big fan of century egg, and since the porridge was practically full of century eggs, I didn't take much of it.

Siew Mai!!! There was fish roe on top which actually tasted like fish roe, unlike those beady tasteless "roe" on lower-grade siew mais. For the most part, it was rather ordinary and I actually prefer coffeeshop siew mai to this haha.

I didn't try the har how because I was really full by the time it arrived on our table! We missed the first few rounds of it because it was really popular among the other tables served before us. :(

Finally, there was ice-cream!!! Nothing fancy, just the plain old traditional ice-creams sold in blocks. They don't serve this throughout the buffet, though. They announced the "opening" of the ice-cream counter by ringing this really loud bell, and a whole throng of patrons literally ran to get in queue for the ice-cream. Kiasu Singaporeans in action Exhibit B hahaha. The ice-cream was good though! It was unpretentious and reminiscent of my childhood :')

They also had Chinese desserts like fruit cocktail and some multi-beaned-paste/soup thing which was just average, or even slightly below the bar.

I think it was an enjoyable experience but I probably wouldn't be back again any time soon. The food is pretty normal and variety isn't that extensive.

There is currently a promotion going on, where 1 adult dines free with every 3 paying adults! Do remember to make a reservation way (well, a day before is fine too) in advance if you do intend to visit!

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