Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rail Fun

Hello! Went to explore the railway tracks at Bukit Timah yesterday with Jamie! Actually not really explore because that's been our ~hood~ since 2011 hehehe we'd hang around the tracks doing really random and crazy things/take photos and stuff before tuition, which is just across the street! So yesterday was kind of a huge walk through memory lane for us hehe, reliving the Sec 2 shameless nooby days. :'-)

Also, I wanted to take photos because that was on my list of things-to-do-this-holiday.

Chilled out at my house before heading off to the tracks!
during which I stubbed my toe during an intense game of Just Dance and now my baby toe is purple

Been staying up really late (/early?) these past few nights and now my face looks like pepperoni pizza :(

Inspired by the photographs by Murad Osmann! 
Except well, we didn't exactly have some place fascinating to go to hahaha but hey it's all about the company, right?

Photos: I

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