Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant

For my parents' 19th wedding anniversary, we went to Miyabi Japanese restaurant for dinner as my mom loves teppanyaki! It is a really formal restaurant so expect steep prices, a dress code and the works haha (which includes good service too!)

We ordered a seafood dinner set and two beef dinner sets! I'm not entirely sure what the sets comprised (I was too lazy to look through the menu hahaha) but you can see what we had from the photos below! :-) The only unpictured item was the beansprouts hahaha.

Our dinner, pre-dinner hahahaha

Grilled salmon was the bomb diggity!!!!!! Hands-down my favourite item that night. The salmon was so soft, it literally broke apart when I held it with my chopsticks (with not much force at that!) The sauce it was cooked in added a lovely teriyaki-like flavour to the meat. (Digression: it feels strange calling fish "meat" haha)
LOVED IT!!! :-)

Ebi tempura! I liked the light and crisp batter of the tempura. The prawn is also more...substantial (?) than your average tempura, so I guess you get what you pay for!

Tiger prawns! Fat and juicy is the best combination to come in.

Beef cubes! It seems like a very paltry amount, but this was about half of one serving! I'm not really a beef person, actually I'm not a fan of red meat in general, so I didn't really think this was super to-die-for amazing or anything like that. :/

(Raw portobello mushrooms)

The portobello mushrooms were FANTASTIC!!! They were really juicy and mm yum yum all mushrooms should be as wonderful as this hahaha.

Their garlic fried rice is amazing!!! It's so fragrant and eggy, you can eat it on its own without feeling like you're gorging yourself on carbs!

Miso soup was a tad bit too salty for my liking.


Dessert was this really soft and wobbly cake thing that tasted a bit like fermented beans! I'd say it's an acquired taste, which I haven't acquired haha so I didn't actually finish this. But yay for grapes and red beans! :-)

The chefs used a LOT of garlic in frying up all the food. Almost every dish, wait no, EVERY dish had garlic in it haha. It tasted great, that's for sure, but the garlic-y breath was really too much to bear haha so if you do visit them, remember to drink lots of water!!! /Listerine whichever floats your goat.

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant
Tel: 6357 3335
Raffles Town Club
1 Plymouth Avenue
Singapore 297753

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