Sunday, June 22, 2014

Marina Bay Sands staycation

My family and I stayed at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel yesterday as a form of "staycation" since we were too lazy/busy to go on a proper vacation out of town. It's our first time staying at MBS so we were pretty excited! Check-in was at 3pm and we arrived slightly earlier to check in to beat the crowds haha. (Thank God Dad made a reservation to check-in earlier (as odd as it sounds) because the queues after that were crazy long! I heard some people waited 3 hours to check-in.)

This is the view from our room! It's so beautiful, in both daylight and by night because at night, the "Supertrees" would light up!

Our room was the Premier Room, which came with two super-single-ish beds and this armchair (which was to be my bed sigh #+1problems)

Really cute bathtub!!! Didn't really have time to enjoy a proper bubble bath though :-(

I look really stunned/terrible but yes selfie with proper camera in the bathroom mirror, how much more mainstream can I get hahaha. Anyway yes I just posted this because I really like my hair here please condone my narcissism.

Also, I was wearing school uniform (ish) because I went for my first (!) SNYS practice that morning and thought I had to be in school-approved attire so yup well apparently I don't.

Because it was Dad's birthday month, the staff presented us with a complimentary slice (more like rectangular log) of cake! It had a walnut brownie base and a softer cheese top. It wasn't fantastic, quite average in fact, but the thought was really sweet and much appreciated. :)

Tried to take a family selfie but no the depth-of-field setting ruined it :(

After chilling in the room for a while, I went to the gym with Dad! I only got to run for about 15 minutes on the treadmill before I started getting stitches. Blame over-estimating me for setting the speed to a relatively high one straight away hahaha oh well. So I ambled from machine to machine (they have quite a limited range of cardio machines, with only the treadmill, elliptical trainer and the stationary bike!) for the next half an hour or so, before going to the Weights room!

This was the lounge where guests could rest after cardio/weights before going on to weights/cardio respectively. The whole stretch was lined with huge comfy sofas, facing a full-length window which overlooked the sea!

What a luxurious way to rest after an intense (well not so for me, haha) workout!

Coming back from the gym, I stayed in the hotel room to do a bit of math while my family went up to the SkyPark, a.k.a. the infinity pool, its main attraction.

By the time I went up to the pool, it was dotted with people and the sun was blazing hot. Most people were juggling between trying to take photos while keeping their hands/phones/cameras dry, instead of actually swimming! Haha well that's to be expected I guess, since it costs about $100 just to get up to the SkyPark! I was one of those people, haha!

After shamelessly taking selfies on the edge (in both meanings of the words hahaha), I left my phone on the deck chairs and just ~~~floated~~~ around, admiring the skyline. We could see the National Dap Parade rehearsals going on, including the fighter jets soaring right above our heads (it was SO loud I thought we were under some air raid or something), the planes (?) carrying the national flag, the firing of the cannons as well as the mini fireworks!!! It was all really beautiful, especially since they were all set against the sun transcending into the clouds.

Everyone was crowding around the edge to get a glimpse of the NDP rehearsals hehe

Tried to get a bokeh shot of the city lights

Gave up getting a proper bokeh and settled for a screenshot instead!

Love love love! the bathrobe they gave us hehe it was so soft and fluffy! :-)

After having a really un-nutritious dinner of cup noodles in the hotel room, we decided to venture out to llaollao at Marina Square! We took a train (like true tourists) to Esplanade MRT station, queued about half an hour and walked back to MBS while savouring our frozen yoghurts.
(Slight digression here, but I think llaollao is becoming too popular for its own good! With the increased popularity, I noticed the portions have started shrinking! :( But quality of the yoghurt is still there though! :))

Snuggled into my makeshift bed after catching up with the rest of the world (thanks to social media)!

Woke up not bright but early the next day around 5am! The rest of my family slept all the way till 7am when I bugged them to get up hehe oops. As it was a cloudy day, the sunrise couldn't really be seen from our room! I was actually really looking forward to watching the sunrise! #problemsofbeingaWest-ieforaslongasIremember

Got down to Rise for the breakfast buffet!

Each room is only allowed 2 complimentary breakfast buffets, so Mom, brother and I ate while Dad passed on it because it "wasn't exciting" enough haha.

Well, I guess both food and variety was so-so, it was enjoyable to eat but not exactly an out-of-this-world experience. Service was top notch, though! The waiters and waitresses were extremely attentive, clearing plates efficiently and attending to all our other tiny requests! (e.g. free newspapers hahaha)

Round 1! From the left (clockwise), sautéed mushrooms, chorizo sausage, grilled tomatoes in vinegar, hash browns, baked beans, omelette, scrambled eggs and a broccoli flan! Everything was rather average, with the tomato standing out! I really liked how the vinegar added a kick to the rather plain tomato.

Poached eggs, specially requested from the wait staff. It was served in a bowl of vinegar, and I gently scooped it onto a plate in order to prevent the yolk from bursting pre-maturely heh heh.

I guess you can already tell from the picture, the yolk was golden lava. It was such an eggciting sight to see the rich yellow viscous yolk ooze out of the unassuming egg white case, staining the plate a beautiful gold.

The vinegar taste was a bit too strong on the eggs though, so I didn't enjoy the taste of the eggs as much as I enjoyed the sight of it. Eye candy indeed.

Fruit salad, which wasn't really good tbh. It was kind of sour, as it was all mixed in a large bowl, cocktail-fruits-style. Not the most aesthetically pleasing and not the most palate-pleasing either.

This Bircher muesli was prepared specially by the chef! It is basically oatmeal cooked with honey, walnuts and plump raisins! I really really loved every single morsel of it!

Time to carb-load! Of all of these, the cinnamon danish was probably the best. I toasted my danish in the toaster (and it got kind of stuck halfway in oops) and it came out beautifully warm and fragrant.

Bread and Butter pudding and the Cinnamon roll!

The Bread and Butter pudding was great! It had a chocolate swirl-thing at the bottom with lots of plump raisins embedded in the pudding!

My own japalang salad of smoked salmon, honey baked ham and spinach leaves! It was pretty salty (well no surprise there haha) but satisfying nonetheless. The honey baked ham chunks were really chunky (for lack of a better word) and so so so yum!!!

Enjoyed a cup of pink guava juice along with my breakfast and it was nothing short of delightful.

MBS has really beautiful architecture

After breakfast, we headed straight up to the infinity pool for one last soak before checking out!

It was pretty overcast this morning, so the gloomy grey cloud ruined photos (but hardly ruined the view in real life!)

They had these little float-form things at certain points in the pool for guests to sunbathe!

I went to the hot tub in the changing room at the gym before bathing. The water was kept at 40°C and I felt like I was being boiled alive in a broth of soup of some sort. After a while I got used to it, and it became really comfortable and soothing, to a certain extent.

Afterwards, we checked out and headed back home a.k.a. reality. At the concierge, there were troops of tourists (well, mostly) waiting to check-in, and the line was insanely long. Haha I felt pretty bad for them. I guess one thing MBS can work on improving is the speed of the checking-in process! It would be unfortunate to dampen the guests' moods upon arrival to the hotel!

It was a great day (or so) spent but definitely not long enough to totally rejuvenate me hahaha. But YAY I am super thankful and blessed to have had this opportunity to stay at MBS because it isn't exactly real cheap and, well, yes, thanks Mom and Dad. :-)

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