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Kuishin Bo Japanese Buffet

My dad treated us to a great dinner at Kuishin Bo on his birthday last week! He was craving snow crabs really badly and Kuishin-Bo happened to have snow crabs in their buffet line-up! We went to the outlet at Great World City at 5.30pm promptly, and were surprised to see many like-minded patrons queueing outside the restaurant as well. Thank goodness we made a reservation, otherwise I doubt we would've been given a table!

Sashimi is always the highlight of a buffet for me! I loved how the slices of sashimi were so fat and juicy!!! It tasted really fresh as well!

The prawns were slightly sweet but still very juicy and satisfying :)

A whole array of Japanese salads
(left mostly untouched though, haha!)

Cha Soba!!! Didn't try this but I liked the presentation of it.

There were four large pots of soup to choose from, one of which included clam chowder! I tried a bowl of clam chowder but it tasted like those instant ready-made soups, and was a tad bit watery. :(
Oh well, it's a Japanese buffet for a reason!

There were also items that we could pick for our mini steamboat!

We ordered lots of beef to "shabu-shabu" haha. Don't be fooled by this measly portion of beef! At first, we thought the beef (which you have to order using the clips on your table, much like at Sakura) came in such pathetic portions that during the next round, we ordered two portions of beef. Well, I'm not exactly sure why/how/what happened but we found ourselves with two plates piled high with raw beef slices...well at least it was good, so we did finish it! :-)
So yes, moral of the story: ??????? (not exactly sure what the moral is here either haha but...okay)

Sushi chef behind the creation of these beautiful sushi rolls!!! :-) My dad really liked the soft shell crab handroll while I preferred the tinier, bite-sized makis.

Onsen eggs are quite like poached eggs I think. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, except a runny yolk haha. So I was quite shocked when the egg was cold (well, they did dump it in a bed of ice) and that made it taste kind of...raw? It was an interesting experience nonetheless, but I probably wouldn't crave for it.

Not entirely sure why either, but each adult diner was entitled to a cheesy baked lobster!!! Hehe the baked cheese on top was glorious. The lobster was so-so, but I really really enjoyed digging out the cheese and flying off to cheese heaven *~*~*

I guess the lobster paled much in comparison to the other crustacean in the spread - snow crab! It was my first time eating snow crab and I really enjoyed it. First of all, the struggle to crack open its shell to excise the tender flesh makes the savouring of the meat so much more delightful. I guess it's the "fruit" of all your "labour"! Secondly, the meat was really soft and fat!!! Especially those from the legs of the crab. SO GOOD I TELL YOU!!!!! I'm craving for them snow crabs as I type this. :((( The crab is so good that you don't really care about your hands getting sticky and dirty prying open the shells of the snow crab. That is saying a lot, from a person who doesn't eat chilli crab because she doesn't like to get her hands dirty(/filled with sauce haha).

The chicken/char siew (I can't exactly remember now...) ramen was pretty good too! The noodles were sufficiently springy and the broth was rather tasty as well. This would have been good as an à la carte order, and not as part of a buffet, since it was rather filling.

It's finally time for desserts! The above plate is a sampling of all (well, most) of the cakes and pastries available. I really enjoyed the cream puff, chocolate eclair, konnyaku jellies and that pink quadrant-looking thing! The fresh cream was generously stuffed into both the cream puffs and eclairs, and tasted not cloyingly sweet but rather like soft ice-cream! Soft as in not the type of ice-cream but like the texture of clouds of ice-cream! The jellies were just really nice haha. That pink think over there is actually just filled with cream, with a raspberry jelly core. The cream was different from the cream used in the cream puff/eclair. It tasted a bit sweeter, and I think it is flavoured cream because it didn't taste like ~~~pure~~~ fresh cream! Well, it tasted good anyway so whatever they are doing, it's working!

Chocolate fondue!!! The chocolate was quite peculiar, though. Barely minutes after coating my grapes and strawberries with chocolate, the chocolate hardened!!! So much so that it was quite a task picking up the sticks of fruit from the plate (because the chocolate literally would not let the fruits bulge from the plate!!!) The chocolate was also a bit too sweet for my liking. :(

They also had soft-serve vanilla and matcha ice-cream! The matcha and vanilla honestly tasted quite similar but both were good so I'm happy haha. For those hardcore matcha fans out there, don't get your expectations too high for this, because the matcha flavour is very very subtle in the ice-cream, contrary to the lovely shade of green it is in (thank you artificial food colouring!).

I definitely enjoyed my dinner at Kuishin Bo, and I would recommend it to those seeking a good Japanese buffet! They have daily promotions during the weekdays, so you could check it out and plan your visit accordingly, because it can be a little pricey (I feel). It's about S$50.90 for an adult for dinner, excluding all the taxes and service charge! It was very worth the money though, because the food really is that wonderful :)))))))))

Kuishin Bo Authentic Japanese Buffet
Great World City #02-41A/42
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6836 5877

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