Saturday, July 05, 2014

One Man Coffee

(Haha I tried my best copying the writing of the café name k pls don't mock me hahaha)

Just yesterday, I visited One Man Coffee with my Upper Thomson-food-buddy Huiru! It was kind of a celebration for surviving the past week of Common Tests, and we duly reminded ourselves that that was cause enough to spend $10 on bread...haha I'm just kidding, but still. All café food is expensive, and perhaps overpriced, but we still choose to give in to the lure of hipster-ity hahaha.

It might not be an easy task trying to find this hole-in-the-wall (ish) café amongst the other food joints clustered along the Upper Thomson enclave, and we would have missed it if not for Huiru's sharp eyes! Essentially, OMC shares the same premises as Crust Gourmet Pizza (the café transforms into a pizza parlous after 5pm!) so you could look out for that.

Seating-wise, OMC makes full use of its small indoor space by choosing a few long tables instead of many small ones so that larger groups/more small groups can be seated comfortably indoors. There is an option for alfresco dining as well, but it faces a ditch and isn't all that pleasant when you think about having a "hipster café experience". They do liven it up, though, by letting customers sit on lovely swingy chair-things (??? like a swing, except with only one cord attached to the top)!

All right, now on to the food!

I did my homework/research/whatever-you-call-it and shortlisted the most popular items on the menu - Brioche French Toast with Homemade Berry Compote, Candied Walnuts and Fresh Cream as well as the Gashouse Egg a.k.a. Toad in the Hole a.k.a. Egg-in-the-Bread-with-the-Hole-in-the-Middle with Bacon Jam (wow, that's a mouthful!). Both are priced at $10 nett.

I had the Brioche French Toast, and it was marvellously soft on the inside yet crisp around the sides.  The eggy-ness of the bread was swoon-worthy and the brioche was mildly sweet but so very very soft!!! The dollop of fresh cream was good too, but I would have preferred vanilla bean ice-cream to be served with it. The berry compote was nice, but not exactly special as it tasted like normal jam you can buy in the supermarket. I guess I was hoping for lots of fresh cuts of fruit to be mixed in the compote! The walnuts weren't that great, though. I am not a big fan of walnuts but I don't particularly dislike them either, but these candied walnuts just don't do it for me. :(

You wouldn't have a problem finishing this, but it gets a bit jelat after you do, because this is essentially a super sugar-laden dessert. Nonetheless, I believe it's calories well spent!!!

Huiru had the Gashouse Egg a.k.a. Toad in the Hole a.k.a. Egg-in-the-Bread-with-the-Hole-in-the-Middle with Bacon Jam. I tried a bit of it and it was really delicious!!! A great savoury alternative if you ask me. The yolk was sooo runny and literally oozed out of the bread shell as she cut into it. For a while, she was playing "save the egg yolk from oozing all over the table", ladling forkfuls of runny yolk onto the bread to prevent it from oozing off the plate (that's the problem with using flat boards as plates haha). The bacon jam was a bit sweet, but the smokey bacon flavour was fantastic! I would definitely try this if I ever do visit OMC again.

Huiru ordered an iced Café Latte ($6.50) while I had a cup of Magic ($4.50). I was intrigued by the name Magic and made my order based on that haha! It was a great decision, though!!! Magic is basically a cup of latte with less milk added. I loved how the aroma of the coffee beans was not lost even after a few hours (coffee is meant to be savoured! haha) and I'm no coffee connoisseur, but I think this is a darn good cup of coffee!

I'm really glad I visited One Man Coffee because it is so worth the hype! You will not be disappointed, that I can assure you! The service staff were very kindly as well, making the whole experience really...amazing. :) We sat there for about 4 hours having one of the most enjoyable conversations I've had in a long time. Yes, it does sound rather far-fetched, but please go experience this for yourself, and you will understand why I have absolutely nothing to fault One Man Coffee for. :)

One Man Coffee
215R Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574349
Open daily: 9am-5pm

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