Saturday, July 05, 2014

End of Common Tests!!!

Wew the Common Tests are finally over!!! I don't think I'm as happy as I should be, given that the most hectic and stressful week I've had in a long while has just ended. This round of CTs was really a wake-up call for me. A LEVELS ARE NOT LIKE O LEVELS!!!!!! Hahahaha since the beginning of the year I was pretty chill because I just assumed As would be a lot like Os, just for older people HAHAHA. Well, I guess not :'-( Time to start upping my game hehehe

After the math paper (which was all right, actually! one of the better papers this CT haha), Audrey, Jong Hee, Kimberly, Ariel and I went to Holland Village to get great eyebrOWs!

After that, we went to CRAFT for lunch, but I didn't eat then because I didn't want to get too full since I was going for lunch with Huiru after Chinese LC! (yes, we had a 3 hour break between math and Chinese listening comprehension, of all the papers to stay back for...)

Headed to Salted Caramel with Su Ann and Huiru after the official end of CTs hahahaha
It was a great great time with the two of them! Though they are much closer friends I guess I don't feel very left out because well, they're one of my closest friends in class and in band respectively, so yup I really don't mind being the newbie noobie hahaha :)))

Oh, we also met Xiao Feng and Wei Ze at Salted Caramel! They were hanging with a bunch of their classmates, I think hahaha.

After Salted Caramel, Su Ann left to meet her juniors from RG and Huiru and I left for "proper food"! We went to One Man Coffee, which I wrote about in greater detail here! It was a really lovely four hours chatting with Huiru about...well really anything and everything! I'm so glad she chose to join band haha or else I wouldn't have known her properly and I wouldn't have had such a great friend!!1!!!!!11!!!1!!!

On a different note, I'm not ready for the next 9 weeks of Term 3 oh no hahahaha

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