Thursday, July 10, 2014


I think most of y'all know by now (if you've been reading my blog/my friend IRL) that Hansol is one of my bestest friends, so imagine how delightful it was to spend an entire school day in Raffles with her!!! It definitely brought back memories of our time in St. Marg's together (we were together literally about 80% of the time lol I wonder why I didn't get sick of her), especially her squishing my hand fats/me giving her judgemental looks/hugs/etc. etc. etc.!!!

I am proud to say that our Mission Impossible was a success!

Matchy-matchy phone covers!!!

Yes we specially planned to wear our St. Marg's PE shorts even though they were loose/hole-y.

We both had yong tau foo for lunch and it was kinduv nostalgic as well because during the rare occasions I would eat lunch/recess with her in SMSS, we would be eating YTF hahaha! Apparently RJ's ytf is up to her standards hehe.

Qing Kai came to join us for a while and it was surprisingly not awkward! Hansol and Qk have some mutual friends (me!!! loljk) so it wasn't that bad. :-) Besides, they've met before and I'd really like my best friend to be friends with my other...uh, good friend (??? lol what are we even)!!!

GP felt a lot like Mrs Rethinam's English lessons last year haha! After the lesson, Mrs Koh talked to Hansol and was really chill about everything! I was just so amazed at how spontaneously she took it!!! Coolest teacher ever hahaha :))))))))))))

(Thanky Hansol for the Kangaroo/Koala keychain thing hehe match-matchy from head to toe uh, skirt!!!)

Because Chinese ended early (thanks laoshi!!!), Hansol and I left earlier than planned for dinner at S11! Introduced her to the chicken rice that Huiru recommended. Apparently this stall gives school kids unlimited servings of chicken rice rice??!?! We didn't test that offer though, since we were both really full after like three-quarters into our rice haha.

Spent a great time talking to Hansol and I think she likes Raffles a bit more now!!!

I'm also kinduv glad that my ~new~ friends know her because she really is a big part of my life/me and I would like to keep it that way. :)

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