Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chinese 'A'-Level oral

Today was Chinese A-Level oral and I am extremely thankful to God, to my ancestors (for being Wee so I would go on Day 2 while the first three-quarters of my class went on Day 1 haha) and SEAB haha because the picture and questions were a million times more manageable than yesterday's oral paper!!! (is "oral paper" oxymoronic...? hahaha)

I was the first to go and it made me even more jittery because I was afraid I would kill myself by crushing the sky-high expectations the teachers had of Raffles kids but my examiners were really nice and smiley which was super encouraging!!! I also didn't feel so judged like I usually do when I speak in Chinese haha.

As I was the first to go (and first to finish...duh), I had to stay in "quarantine" until 3pm. It would be quite boring if I didn't have this other guy from the other oral "queue" (???) to keep me company! I found out he was from Pei Hwa as well and lives super near my house!!! Strange that though Singapore is so small, I've never seen him around before haha. Anyway, I think we talked pretty loudly oops but yeah it's great making new friends!!!

I don't exactly know why this is up here (maybe for future looking-back-and-reminiscing?) but yeah okay abrupt ending byEeeEEEeeeEEEeeEEeEE!!!

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