Sunday, June 29, 2014

Shunji Matsuo Hair Perming review

Last November, after the last O-Level paper, I went to town to get my hair permed! I have naturally curly hair but after rebonding it some years back, it’s been straight and slightly wavey. It’s nice, but a little dull and boring, if you ask me. So, I decided to go completely nuts and permed my hair.
I went to Shunji Matsuo after scouring online reviews about it, and I must say that I have mixed feelings about my experience there.
Initially, I agreed with the receptionist on the Japanese perm, which was around $200 for my hair length. However, the stylist decided that my hair should undergo another, more expensive, treatment and did not tell me about it until he was practically done. I almost fainted when he told me the total bill cost around $400. That’s almost a 200% increase!
In the end, I called my mother down to the salon and she settled the bill with the hair stylist for $315. What is worse is that at that time, the stylist was not done with my hair yet, so I was really afraid he would get a pissy fit and decide to fry my hair. Fortunately, he was quite professional about it (after throwing a tantrum and ranting to his colleagues) and styled my hair pretty nicely.
I did feel pretty awesome walking out of the salon, but the smell of hair spray and hair gunk soon got to me.
Right after the perming session! I tried to do a poker face but failed miserably I'm sorry :( But my hair should be the focus here!!! As you can see, the curls are still very fresh. I had doubts if I had made the right decision in perming after this haha, but I guess the curls will smoothen out after a while to become softer, more natural-looking waves!
The hairstylist advised me to refrain from wetting my hair for 24 hours, so I went to bed with a head full of gunk and had a splitting headache until morning. Needless to say, I could hardly sleep and spent a large part of the night wandering around my house like a zombie.
The next day, the headache was a little better, so I guess the saying still holds true: No pain, no gain!
The following pictures would document my hair growth/progress over the past few months so you can get a rough idea of how hair (well, my hair) grew out after perming!

his was taken during Prom, which was about (at most) a week from my perming session! The curls have loosened out and my hair does not look as short as it did previously (due to the curling)!
This was about a month after perming!
2 months after!

Right before I went to cut off a large chunk of my permed hair :'-( 'Twas a sad and solemn occasion.
(This was about 3 months after perming! What a shame.)

Fast-forward eight months later, my hair is really gorgeous!!! It sounds extremely narcissistic but it’s true! Even though I had to cut off a large portion of my permed hair (due to very specific school rules sigh), the curls look softer and more natural now! My new-grown hair has also grown out to be soft and “obedient”, unlike my previous hair which would grow out frizzy and unruly!
For comparison's sake, here is me pre-perm!
As you can see, my hair was really boring-looking :(

I don’t know if the hefty price tag completely justifies the perming session, but I do know that I am very very very pleased with the outcome, and would recommend it to anyone looking for softer, wavier hair!

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