Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back to school

I went back to St. Marg's on Thursday to collect my Speech Day gown! I was originally just going with Valerie but then we met a whole lot of other friends there as well!

The feeling of nostalgia hit me as soon as I got ignored by the general office people (when pressing the intercom for the gate) hahaha okay I'm kidding. It was really nice to be back, and though I do miss being a student there, those feelings just weren't as...strong as I thought it would be.

First thing I did was to go look for my star on the Walk of Stars! I think because standards are pretty low at St. Marg's (you just need 6 distinctions ((or is it 5?)) to get a star), the pillars got filled up pretty fast. My star is in the most obnoxious position you can think of: in a corner at the end of the walkway, near the top of the pillar. I spent a good five minutes trying to get a decent photo before giving up and settling for this haha!

Anyway despite my complaining (heh), I'm still happy that my name is someplace in school (along with 10000 others, but let's not go there) and it's great to finally join my seniors on the Walk of Stars. :-)

I chatted with Valerie for awhile before being joined by Mrs Yang (!!!) and Rachel Koh!

Met up with Tan Qi as well after her lessons for the day ended! We spent close to half an hour just standing around talking and laughing and laughing some more hahaha! It's been really too long since I've hung out with my section/juniors and I do really miss them!!! Band now really isn't the same without them and their crazy antics haha.

After Rebecca came, Naasyidah and I followed her up to the band room (she's guest playing for SMSB for SIBF next week!) to listen to how our juniors sound now. A lot has changed (the band room now has an actual riser!!!) and I guess I just feel quite uncomfortable knowing that SMSB now comprises of a group of faceless (well, to me) girls when it was once my second

Just before leaving St. Marg's, I got to talk to Kelley a bit and I really miss her!!! It's been forever since we've talked because we kind of drifted apart in Secondary 3 and it felt a bit awkward at first, but then it was like we picked off from where we stopped 2 years ago. :'-) I regret not saving this friendship earlier but well.........

After everything, I left for Thai Noodle House with Hansol hahaha. So much St. Marg's memories in a day :'-)

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